Beautiful mountains in the north of Gondar, Ethiopia.

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We finished our two days long visit in Gondar and headed to the Northern area of the country with the one not-bad road number 830. The road was nice but very dangerous due to the amount of only two lines - one there and one back :-) Somewhere in three hours of our drive, we saw these beautiful mountains, located in the north. Now I tried to search on Google maps all the areas around with the goal to find these peaks, but in vain - the territory of Ethiopia is not really appearing in the Google maps photographs. There is no street view. There are very few places photographed and contributed to the online visitors.

The location of these mountains wasn't on our way, so, we decided to stop on the side and film the visuals for the movie and take some still images.

The moment when our film director and operator is filming the visuals of this amazing view.


The place was documented with my camera.


Here i made some close-ups from the second, a big picture, to show you these wonderful textures :



And the endless levels of the running far mountains, when every next level is even higher than every previous.


Anf the located var standing alone, probably without any electricity village.



The African continent is not dry and empty of flora.


The portrait of the rocks.


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thank you @baboz

You are welcome

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The geography of the country surprised me, your pictures. show it off nicely. Rare views of the interior of the country and its extraordinary landscape. I know of few people who visit it, but, I can tell you they are missing out on the beauty that you captured pieces of. Isn't it amazing?

Thank you for the peek!

There is so much about Ethiopia that I love. One of the reasons and something they are very proud of is that they are the only African country with its own alphabet.

The mountains are amazing and many people think of Ethiopia as a desert, all flat and sand, when in fact they have 80% of Africa's mountains. They stand out culturally from the rest of Africa, and they are also the poorest of the Africans.

Your poat always give me reason to pause and think. Thank you, Victor. @victorbz

Always outstanding shots and thoughts.

thank you for the kind words Denise !
i miss Ethiopia, I was very sad when the civil war started there a few years ago exactly in the area of our visit.
btw. many great jass musicians came from Ethiopia.

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Magnificent :) I almost expected to see a leopard in one of those!!!

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thank you very much.
the anymals were absolutely invisible in this area

Maybe they were on the other side of the mountain!



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