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dry mushrooms carl zeiss 5.jpg

This is Mr Carl Zeiss Flektogon in action. Fancy (and long) name for such a little fella. But he knows what he is doing, and doing it well.

Here he is in action in different conditions.

dry mushrooms carl zeiss 1.jpg

It is not a macro lens, but with the right conditions you can get some nice bubbly bokeh and great colours!
The park the mushrooms were shot at has quite a lot of trees and some parts are pretty shady. No bubbles there - but we do have some nice soft background instead.

dry mushrooms carl zeiss 2.jpg

All the tiny mushrooms were hiding well between some grasses and bits of tree debris. Hard to spot, when you finally do it's like a Christmas present!
And at this point - the smaller the better :)

dry mushrooms carl zeiss 3.jpg

dry mushrooms carl zeiss 4.jpg

Last buy not least one of my all time favorites - the Inc Caps.
They are much taller and easier to spot (as long as they do not hide inside tall grass). They look fancy with their pure white legs and lazy hats looking down at all the little, plain ones.

Like delicate, short-lived fairies.

ink cap carl zeiss 2.jpg

ink cap carl zeiss 3.jpg

And one that just started to grow right near the wooden stairs that go down from the hill to the carpark. Not the best spot. I saw others growing there too and now they look like spots on the wood.

inc cap carl zeiss 1.jpg

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Happy FungiFriday!

Shot with Sony a7 + Carl Zeiss Flektogon 2.4 35mm lens
All photos, graphics and text are my own.

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:D :D

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 87 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Good lighting, this post adds new insight for me, it's a valuable lesson ;)

Thank you!

I at first thought you had named the mushroom! 😂

Hahaha :D
Next time I will name them all! :p

Hello Carl 👋🏻 Great shot of him. Hé was looking at his best 😊
I do like the photo of the first inc cap.

Those Ink Caps are awesome! I think the season for them is now.. will have to go look for more :)

They sure are… Hope you find some more 😎

Are any of those magic ones? :)) Cheers! !BEER

I have no idea :p Maybe....
Cheers! :)

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I am wondering when will Sony include focus stacking like Olympus, it would help greatly with shrooms like this. Thank you for sharing

Oh it definitely would! Not that I have ever tried to stack photos in any possible way. But I would be tempted to try at least :)
I never had Olympus...

I absolutely love these adorable fungi macro shots. I never see mushrooms like these nearby where I live. Besides, I miss summer already and your phots make me feel warm and fuzzy 💚🌞💚