Failure, Success, Endings, Beginnings - the journey of our drEEm project

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👉Beginnings and Endings👈

We have a new project that is about to hit testing phase in a week.

I'm normally hype/cheerleader/pumping personality.

And for the first time, I'm not. (1).png

I'm excited/terrified/anxious/happy/skeptical/hesitant/bold... and so much more. But I want this project to stand on its own WITHOUT any hype or promises. Our motto is "slow, steady, long-lasting" and we have been sticking to that.

I'm going to be sharing some videos.

They're videos that have been taken from the last three months. When I first started capturing this journey of the "behind the scenes" of building our project - our group was blogging/teaching/ growing on a platform called Uptrennd.

Our project was meant to come alongside other platforms and act as a complementary support. Uptrennd had really been suffering for months, but we believed that we had a great idea to help bolster it - along with other platforms.

We never got the chance to see that happen..png

In a very Justin/Ned/Steemit move, Uptrennd was sold off as a "surprise" that hurt countless people - mostly the faithful true believers.

Though I don't want to rehash that whole history, anyone who tunes into these upcoming videos will hear bits of that - in part - because it shaped our journey in some very real, very devastating, very life-changing ways.

But - our team was actually refined by it.

Like gold in the fire - we got purer, stronger, more dedicated to one another, and more motivated to continue to put our hearts into this project.

As I said - these videos really aren't your typical "marketing" videos. They're going to be a bit more vulnerable. A lot more honest and raw. And they're really for one primary purpose.

After Uptrennd failed, and after the founder had pretty much convinced us all that "everyone who would HODL the token would be made whole" - someone told me that they would never invest their time, energy or money again in any project without being able to trust the founder.

You'd think that would be obvious, right_.png

But I know what he was saying. Because I felt the same way, and I expected that anyone who would want to spend a few minutes a day on our project - would probably want that same assurance.

So these videos are really to show my heart. A lot of Steemians, and some Hive-ians already know who I am. Some like me, some don't. LOL

That's fine. I am not under any delusion that this project will be the "Great Crypto Hope" that will save us all. It's not. It will be a project that some people will enjoy, and some won't. And we won't claim to be anything more than an option for those who might need/want it.

But for those who do end up wanting to know more about our project (Testing begins June 26 and Official launch begins July 25) - they can always look back at these videos stored on the blockchain and find out more about me & the team & our project here.

I'm not being elusive or coy - don't worry.. on June 25 - I'll drop a video with the short, sweet "elevator pitch".

I'm just going to begin to drop these videos to archive today, so they'll be here for posterity! Enjoy if you like. After June 25, feel free to ask any questions you desire!

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Jeff did his thing, the only way he knew how to... Many were hurt, lost and wondered which way forward.

Well, the way forward

The loss of a thing or opportunity is not the end. Rather, it means you are free to pursue anything you want... To be whatever you want...

I'm glad we are doing this. It's a testament to your strength, character and tenacity to never stay down for even a second.

You choose to soar... And we'll soar with you! 💖

Thank you EKG!!!
and who knows what will happen but one thing we can be sure of ...

I'm not giving up ☺️

Thank for you being a part of the AMAZING tEEm that was forged in the fires!!!
One week left til testing begins! Can't wait to see you at our meeting today!!!

SO MANY QUESTIONS... I shall wait.

hehehehe thanks for always being right there :)

Of course, we all believed in Uptrennd and it went sour

You have had more encounter with projects going sour than we have, yet , you are still a believer

If you believe, then I believe too. If it go sour, we learned a lot, and our experience badges were upgraded

That's the most important thing...... The lessons

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Oh... Edy!!!

I wanted to invite you to be a tester!

Are you in my discord channel??

And projects going sour. Ughhh lol

The most painful ones were the ones where I had no control but to sit there and watch our hard work evaporate from the platform

But thankfully...those things are still preserved!!! All was not lost, and we continue!! :)

Let me know if you want to be a tester... I'll give you the role right away. ☺️

Let me know if you want to be a tester... I'll give you the role right away.

It will be an honor, ma'am. Thank you

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ok - hehe use this link to join the room :)
when you're in there - send me a DM

or tag me in the general chit chat room
and I'll add you into the testing area :)

There is no problem, I'll do just that, thank you

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The day for our drEEm to begin manifest has come. I have thought of how you were able to put yourself together after all that you had been through and I have come to conclude that you are not from this world.
To pursue a dream vigorously like this is one thing, to ensure it begins is another.

I know this will work.
This will yield.
Even though Jeff have betrayed,
The Tigerlily I know won't.
I really can't wait to see how this drEEm will work.
Many questions in my head that needs answers.

Hehehehe!!! I love to see that so many of our UU family are hungry to see how this will work!!!

I think it will be a nice option to have and I think it's going to benefit a lot of communities and platforms!

I hope this dreem becomes a win/win/win/win

And yes...hehehe you know it's not in the Tiger to run away.

Always looking for the best opportunity for everyone to thrive. Always. ALWAYS.

Thanks for being a part of the testing tEEm hehehe. Praying that this will be SO much fun! hehehe

Hahah... Nice nice nice....

I'm excited to see this coming to light. I expected this and l knew that l would need a different type of energy to be part of this solid teem so, l took some days to cool off and reassure myself.

Now, l've strengthened my resolve and l'm ready for this and stuffs that comes next.

Let's go People.... It's all about "slow, steady, long-lasting"

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I appreciate that rest!!!

If anyone knows the king of energy these things take's you!!! Hahaha

If I am the Energizer, you are Energizer Jr. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

That's right because some work is coming for us hahahahha

I knew you were quiet and I suspected some reasons and I was right lololol

I'll see you in the meeting in a few hours and looking forward to spending time with you ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Hahah... Energizer Jr is ready to do the bidding of Dreemland so that we will create a long lasting impact in the whole Cryptoverse.

This is just a preamble. Greater things will follow suit once this projects becomes a reality.

Well Done Ma. You are our powerhouse ✌️

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As long as I'm getting my power from the Perfect Source... I'll keep regenerating energy! hehehehehehe

Yay! This is a new beginning for us and most certainly will the way forward for everyone who Jeff has crumbled their hope as if it meant nothing.

Who says when an opportunity is lost another can't come your way?

Here is one for everyone.

This is great news. 😌😌😌

Ah-ha! No I can relax and wake back my hope 😁😁

This comment thrills me.

You know, everyone keeps wondering how I bounced back so

And it really did not feel fast at all.

I was drained from the tears..not only from the platform dying but also from the "mysteriously coincidentally timed" hack that happened the day night before the "announcement" was made.


But what do we do?

Live in sorrow? Hmm. For a time, we do. I did .

But then? Time to wake up, shower, put on some fresh clothes, and ready ourselves for the next adventure :)

I love you Essie girl
You went through much more than we all did at that time. Your sorrow was infinitely greater. But seeing your strength return is so wonderful!!! And to know that this little project is a part of that hope renewed???? Best feeling ever!!!

I think I'm more excited than you on this project ma'am because you're in it already while I'm just an onlooker 😕

I don't know much about the project but this video reveal a lot about the beginning of something I know and believe will be a great transformation.

Thanks for keeping us updated, I'm waiting patiently for everything to come to a final 😁

Love your strength ma'am, keep being strong for us all.

hehehehe you will know everything this week :)

very very soon :) and I hope that it works well for us all hehehe let's just hope and pray :)

Ahhhhhhh! So so good Dreemy! I’m just like you. I am not interested in a 2 or even a 5 year project. Grab the money and run. I want to impact people, grab their attention and run towards our dreems TOGETHER! I want to create a legacy, add meaning to their lives while adding meaning to their activities. I want to setUP the game for others to #Win and I want to compound trust one #HighFive at a time! So yeah. You and I are looking at the same stars in that respect! I guess it was no mistake you and I went live together over 2 years ago during an @Actifit Radio session with @mcfarhat and @shadowspub! My oh my! Hasn’t the time flown by! ...and you know what! You and I are still in the game! And your right. There is no such thing as failure... unless you throw your handsUP in the air and quit.

Thank you so much for being a force for good here on this blockchain. We need you more than you know... a healthy and friendly Hive is at stake! And you know what! We need you to #Win because it show everyone HOW to #Win!

Thank you for the object lesion during this story Vlog! It’s so true... and nature really does have so many lessons! The one I have been learning is all about how to weed out the weeds so that I can dedicate my finite time to the ones who are doing good and exceptional things!

Keep on doing what your doing! #LovesIt! ❤️


LOVE this comment!!!!

and yes - we really are finite human beings and when we test those limits, we find out how quickly wa have to pick and choose what we can really commit to!

I so appreciate that you're doing the same thing. I think too many people feel overwhelmed that the task is too big - but they don't realize that if we're all in it together - we share the burden and its NOT impossible.

you REALLY have to watch the video i made today - you will laugh when you see that we are TOTALLY on the same wavelength!

the cool thing is - I've been saying these things in my videos lately, and quietly sharing in my posts (just cuz we want our project to grow slow and steady and i'm trying to NOT do a bunch of hype right now hahahaha) but people are hearing. I think people are maybe ready for uniting. Are they? I don't know. but we are gonna see what happens when we give them the opportunity!

thank you for all your genuine, connected comments! I just beamed when I read them this afternoon and beaming again now hehehe

Hehe so mam Tiger is there with another surprise,🤩🙃🤭; what happened to us was not total our mistake but if we are not going to take part in this upcoming project( I know nothing as everything is surprise hehe😁) might be you have felt the guilt on that mistake.
I suppose this testing month is going to be exciting as the UU family will be united.

hehehe what happened to us on Uptrennd was DEFINITELY not our fault.

We did what we did because we were asked to believe - and we believed fully, and were continuously told to KEEP believing and wait and watch while he did as he promised.

he did not. lol
so - now we are wiser.

and yessssssssssssss UU will be United again hehehehe I'm so happy about THAT!!!!!!!!!!!

Though I don't know what this testing is all about but I am right here standing beside you. I trust you since always. Waiting for the project launch. Fingers crossed

hehehe on Tuesday I'll share what you will all be testing :)

and I'm so glad that you're there to be a part of it!!!!! :)

You go girl! You’ve got this. When life delivers lemons, you know what you’ve got to do. Chuck them at anyone who slows you down! Ha ha. Just kidding. But I believe in you. You’re a great leader, and I know you will be a huge success with this. Good luck!

awww thank you Jayna!!! hehehehe

I really hope this helps EVERYONE. It's set up to do just that :)

which I love! No competition - only support!!! I hope its a benefit for those who need it!

and yes to tossing lemons at sour pusses! hahahahahahahahahaha i love that idea LOL

thank you again my sweet friend!

I could feel both the hurt and the hope here... I had a lump in my throat thinking about what you all went through...and listening to you...and in the end... you almost got me. Absolutely heartbreaking. But you know what...It is really nice to know that you and the others are now 6 months on from this point and to see how you are all thriving together and so full of joy every single day. Sure, we are all human and not every day is gonna be perfect for us; life will still come to test us and bring not so good days too... but you are doing it, Leah. You are still here, 6 months on, and making such a difference. Love you 💗

hehehe i love seeing these messages pop up on old videos and posts from you!!!!!

they're like little presents for me!

and yes - thank you for letting me see that 6 months have gone by and we ARE doing it!!!!
our teem is doing this together - and its going to be so amazing when the time is right!!!! hehehehehehe

Love you right back!!!

We do really see things quite similarly :-) Have you made any announcements yet?
It's good to see your face!

hehehe not yet! We are on week 2 of testing - and it's going well - have had some detours but - still heading towards the same direction hehehe

And yes! hahahaha - now you can see a bit of my heart... and you can see why I've connected with your posts!!! :)

I was thinking about you the other day - for part of the testing, I wanted to do a challenge. Was thinking about having our testers post something in a community so that we can have fun there, engage inside the community, make connections, support each other... still thinking about it hehehe do you ever do challenges in your community?

We do, but these days starstrings take care of most of it cause I’m really overwhelmed with IRL stuff.

Glad you were thinking of me. I’m just excited to see more of your project. I’ll be glad to participate in anything if the timing is right 😆 still can't imagine what you are doing unless it's a kind of social media aggregator.

something like that - but better :) hehehehe

How long do I have to wait!?

hahahahaha are you in discord?