ooooh garden magic!

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First time trying this with garlic!!!
And whoa!!!!!!!!

This picture was taken just a few minutes ago - so - maybe about 36 hours since I put DRY GARLIC into the cup with a little water.

And really? I should have taken the picture at 18 hours - because by then - it was ALREADY sending out so many roots!!!!

I've seen a lot of videos with people just putting a garlic bulb into moist soil - but this jumpstarts the process SO fast!!! Look at all these roots shooting out!!!


and look at the green shoots shooting up!!!! They only had little tiny bits of green a few days ago - but this garlic is saying YES YES YES I'm ready to make another bulb pleeeeeeeeease! hahaha

It's amazing that so often we just THROW these things away! I remember growing up and seeing a garlic clove that had started sprouting, and being told that it was past its time - so to toss it.

But it's practically screaming to you that it is a viable plant - ready to make MORE food for you - FOR ABSOLUTELY FREE. hahahaa

ok - maybe I'm the only one that is totally amazed by this?? but I think this is fabulous!!! AND -for those people who have not had much success growing from seed?? THIS is like a SUREFIRE way to get that INSTANT gratification of growing something. Believe me - BELIEVE ME. If I can grow something, YOU CAN. Cuz there is no one more skilled at assassinating plants than yours truly, the Grim Reaper of the Garden.

Now check this out...

My green onions (oh - and I had a few more that were getting all wilty in the fridge - so I put them into the cup too!) Might as well give some new life to them also hahaha

Remember - for this one, they already HAVE a significant root system when you get them at the store. So I made my little hydroponic 2-cup system hahahaha and put them in the top cup with a barrier in between them and the water.


Why did I do this?

Well you CAN stick them directly into a cup with a little water - but you really really want to keep the water AWAY from the bulbs and ONLY onto the roots.

If you have the water up too high - it will encourage mold and then all your hard work is toast! The nice thing about green onions is that they send their roots out so strong and fast - and they actually LIFT AND HOLD the plant up - out of the water.

These are NOT weak roots. They WILL hold that plant up well. So - yes, do keep the plants relatively dry, while allowing the roots to get as much water as you'd like.

Most people will transfer their re-grown plants into soil, but you know what I've found? I've trained the plants to suck up all the water they need - but then I put them into soil where its a completely different environment, and a lot harder to control. so - they stagnate.

This time - I'm gonna try to see how long I can keep them surviving as a continuous source of green onions in this hydroponic system! hehehehe

Plus - its kinda fun to watch them grow on the windowsill! And then they're right there in the kitchen for when you need them too!

Let's see what happens. hehehe

All images mine, unless stated below

Banner made by me - from emojis hehe


How long will the plant stay before regaining their roots? This will be my first time of observing this. If I see more of these from you then I should be able to grow some myself.

They just keep growing more and more roots!!! and if they have sunshine and water - then that's really all they need to grow hydroponically - since they create their own food through the sunshine (and photosynthesis!)

its really amazing hehehe
I've used green onions like this before lots of times - but this is the first time I'm elevating the onions out of the water with that second cup

this should allow them to get what they need from the water - but still allowing the plant to stay dry and not get moldy

Maybe there are other ways to do this too? i don't know hahaha
but i'm trying it this way :)

but right now - they have enough of a root system to give the plant all the water it needs. It will grow more and more roots as the plant grows :)

I'm also amazed by this, you're not the only one 😃
In just 18 hours?! Didn't know jack about this, thanks for the trick.

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You should see them now!!!!! Hahahaha

I will show you in a post soon!!! :)

They're looking AMAZING. I don't know if I ever want to plant them hahahhahaa

Maybe just keep them hydroponic forever heheheh

Hahaha 😅

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