Pushkey 🌸

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Pushkey also known as Cow Parsnip grows real well here in Alaska, I'm not sure about everywhere in Alaska but on the Kenai peninsula it abounds by heaps and pounds.


No its not spring quite yet! These are older photographs.


Its trying tho but it has a ways to go, at least a month or two. But its been warmer this week with temps up to +40 F.


You can find out more about the Toxicity Here!


Some were flowering.


And some were going to seed.


It was nice to have some sunshine on the subject that day.


They can be very photogenic.


Both in color and black and white.


It will be nice to see more colors soon, perhaps around the month of May!


Right now the roof is dripping the heated up snow and ice, dripping on the outside that is lol


The snow is getting rotten and crunchy on top. There is still piles taller than me and those weighed down by all the snows are solid ice underneath.


Its been a hell of a winter more ways then one!


Spring cleaning is in order right now, with all this nice sun you can really see how dirty things are lol


Daylight savings time coming up this weekend. Why do we still have this?




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March 9th 2023 2:33 PM O'rock Alaska



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I read about its toxicity, and can't believe this beautiful flower can cause a blister that could last for years.

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Amazing! These flowers do look nice in black and white! I should try black and white photography too.

Lovely photos of the deadly plant. That cow parsley has started growing here the last few years. It is toxic to animals if they eat it. People are warned not to touch it as it burns and if you rub your eyes after touching the plant, it could blind you. It is a pretty flower and I have seen bees on it. Apparently it doesn’t bother them.

I’m also sick and tired of winter and as you mentioned the sun is showing every bit of dust or streaks on the windows. I’m ignoring this for now.

I always loved the winter sports when I was younger but it’s by the time. 😆

Have fun with your spring cleaning :) ... Hopefully you'll have plenty of sunshine from now on!

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The sunshine feels great! ☀
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Often in the summer I meet these pleasant flowers. Insects are constantly on them.