“the Zipper”

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Today I present to you, “the Zipper”. Some love it, some hate it. But without a doubt, it’s always fun to watch! Why do they even call it the Zipper? Probably because it goes Up & Down, and other flips (my zipper don’t flip though..). Now once a upon a time ago, when I was a wee bit younger, I used to partake in these crazy rides, no problems. Nowadays, I am more of a watcher of rides you might say. I do remember my last Zipper experience, and it wasn’t a great one. After exiting the ride there was dizziness, nauseousness, and all around discomfort. That was the last time for me. I’m out. I’m done!




Camera: Huawei P40 Pro
Lens: Leica
Editing: Lightroom & Camera+


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Yes, tru dat, the Zipper, back in the day was a fantastic sled.

It was.

Oh, yes! The zipper! I loved it, but, haven't been on one since covid. Seems funny that I have been counting things in the before and after stages. A doctor asked me when I had my last tetanus shot and he said, was it before or after covid began? Seriously. That is how life is measured now?


I love the color on this one! Something as lively as that can only be in living color!

It made me nauseous before covid, and after covid.

Exactly :)

It was my favourite ride at the Ex when I was younger! We would sit and scope out the car that rocked the most so we could make it swing back and forth even more. So much fun!

It does seems to be a "young mans" ride.

Ahhh, The Zipper. I don't know how many times I tried to ride it only for it to be broken down at the time. Luckily, I did get to ride it once and it lead to one of my best moves. Riding it with an ex, her cellphone came flying out mid ride and I somehow managed to snatch it mid-air, mid-flipping around as we came back down.

You're the man!

I remember The Zipper, I also enjoyed it much more in my younger days. The last time I rode it my friend wanted to make us spin even more, when we finally got out I recall feeling the G's hit me so hard that my thighs collapsed from out under me for a moment.

It's fun, but you do pay the price for that fun!