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On the 24th of March 2010, at night, I took a series of photographs on the rails in front of the train station of Pula.


I was there with a bunch of friends from the photography club of which I was also a member back then.

The dude on the rails is me. The photograph, just like all photographs you'll see in this post, was also taken by me. I used the tripod quite often in 2010.

I bought a cheap Halloween mask the year before, and I used it from time to time to make myself look scary or weird in photographs.

I was posing for my friends and for myself on that night in 2010.


The mask was pretty ugly, great for armed robberies.

Here you can see a locomotive attached to a short line of wagons. There were only two railway wagons.


At one point the locomotive got disconnected and left the wagons and the station behind. This animated GIF was created with two photographs.

Here you can see a different type of wagon parked on one of the parallel lines.


Here you can see the masked version of me again.

This is the last self-portrait. The following photograph ...


... was taken a couple of days later, early in the morning.




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Interesting and funny series of photos, I confess that at first I didn't think it was a mask, as I was focused on observing more the environment and the lighting that was in the area, but then I saw how strange was that face of the person sitting on the ground hahaha, when reading was that I saw that it was you wearing a mask, this mask was the funny touch of the publication, a hug @borjan.

🙂 Yes, relatively simple and unrealistic masks can look kinda realistic in photographs and from a distance. Have a great day.

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Yay! 🤗
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WoW! I don't think that I would sit anywhere near a railway track (even if I thought that the electricity was off). That's very scary indeed! LOLZ !WINE !LUV

Amazing photos for sure... 👏

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The first thing that caught my attention was the face - then I was wondering if it was a mask and if not, who it was lol.

Great photos. I love the last one for some reason it reminds me of a sci-fi movie where they're trying to keep some kind of alien beast from escaping - the dents in the cargo walls 🙀


The mask is creepy but it fits the vibe of the rail station at night. Creepy trolls travel at night 😂

The mask is quite startling 😂😂

Lovely pics bro 😌

very scary Halloween mask, I can't imagine seeing this mask at night when I'm alone

The scenery around you that you photograph looks good even at night

Nice photography, but why you are wearning mask ?

To make the scene more creepy.

This makes sense :P got it now, I thought you are trying to hive your face @borjan

The mask is quite startling 😂😂

Lovely pics bro 😌