My recap of the year through all the months and seasons. Writing this has rekindled my self-motivation so here is a #recap2021 challenge for you all. Happy New Year!

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2021 is almost over...

The year is about to end. This is a time to renew our resolutions and set our intentions, plant their seeds and let them grow. Our mind is like the fertile soil that nourish them, so may all your goals come true next year. I will use the hashtag #recap2021 and if you want to share yours and take it as an idea, share the highlights in your life in each month of the year. I think it's also a nice way to get each other better, so feel free to participate in this little challenge. I'll certainly visit and upvote as many as I can, and also to every meaningful feedback on this post (with proof of reading). Don't forget the tag :) so I'm aware of it, or if you decide to follow the prompt post it in comments so I can check to upvote. It's not that I have a great vote power, but one thing we should all learn is that connection is not about size or number. So hope you like the idea whether you choose to participate or not.

Just a few days ago I was thinking how "uneventful" 2021 felt to me. It's true I've been able to go out less than previous years and that the world is in a turmoil. There were moments when I felt kind of discouraged and thought... I've not done enough... but now sharing this I was aware of how much I did. I think it's a good exercise to make a realistic balance as often the bad seems to outweighs the good. And there were many resolutions from the previous year that didn't came to be, but remember that this is a time to try again, and remember that even our failures provide a very valuable and worthy lesson.

So whatever you wish... KEEP GOING!

My 2021 recap (12 months)

So this is my 2021 journey through life and the seasons, and also to realize of those vibrant moments I want to remember. It's divided in 12 months and some highlights. I'm not even sharing everything I did, but my favourite moments but just writing this article down made me feel aware of my effort.

So here we go!!

January 2021 : Cold are the long nights in Winter

howling -1080- by Priscilla Hernandez.jpg

The year started with a Snow Storm called Filomena so we had the biggest snowfall since the 70s! I have always felt fascinated with the ethereal and harsh beauty of the snow, specially when pure and untrodden, and having grown in the tropical Canary Islands the contrast is so stark. My place looked for a while like a Frozen Northern Country. I had been a few days before in this pinewood, but overnight it was totally transformed into this white winter wonderland. It even inspired me to write a poem that turned into a song. I cannot recall having produced a song and video so quickly, it almost felt like it wrote itself. I want to add though that the blizzards and bad weather caused up to 1.8 billion in damages and arrived at an unprecedented energetic crisis in the country.... but isn't it just gorgeous? Nothing can beat the still ethereal quality of Winter. But remember COLD is needed to ignite life in the seeds that are dormant in the ground. EVERYTHING has a reason to be, even cold and bleak times (metaphorically speaking)

And if you want to see the resulting video/song it's here

And out in the roaring blizzard
a specter in white roams alone

February 2021: The Earth Awakens

witchy-01 -640- by Priscilla Hernandez.jpg

It all transformed in February, warm weather favoured the melting of the snow from the Pyrenees mountains and brought glorious days with early daffodils blooming, creeks full of water, birds chirping again as the days got longer. This picture and video was made in late February, as sun returned in longer days in was a time for positive transformation, awakening from our Winter Slumber to Embrace the Light.

earthawakens -1080- by Priscilla Hernandez.jpg

It inspired this improvisation in Nature (yes it was composed just that day) which I called "The Earth Awakens"

March 2021 : Everything is blooming

Flowers everywhere... the tender petals of a new bloom, the splatters of dandelions in the fields, the pastel whites and pinks crowning the trees. The delicate beauty of Early Spring.
Longing to Bloom
unfolding into the sun
gilded by light
I'm fire

It is likely one of the lyrics that I wrote this year that meant the most to me, for many self encouraging reasons.

This was also the month I released my single "Longing to Bloom"

And later on "Sakura" (traditional Japanese song about Cherry Blossoms)

In March I also filmed Celtic traditional "Down by the Salley Gardens" by a lovely waterfall


Earlier this year I had started to practice "mindful walking" which is giving long walks while paying attention to all your senses in awareness. I found it key for my healing journey and to gain endurance at the same time. While I walked I saw the green grass grow into golden barley and the unfurling sunflowers like a carpet of fallen suns extending as far as my sight could reach

April 2021 The Heart of the Forest

the Heart of the woods (4) -1080- by Priscilla Hernandez.jpg

One of my favourite moments of the year is when the bare forest starts to grow tender new green leaves, my favourite colour! but in early Spring its shade is tender and translucent. This is a colour that shifts so drastically throughout the year. Spring green is pale and delicate and bathes everything with its glow. That month I found the heart of the forest, just when I needed it the most. This was a year with many ups and downs, some of the reasons I might not be inclined to share publicly, but through struggle and our way to overcome we find our strength.

And the heart of the forest I found, so randomly within the depths of the woods taught me that if you give love... you shall receive it.

IMG_20210424_143228 -640- by Priscilla Hernandez.jpg

June 2021: A stroll in Middle Earth

June brought us warmer weather and also moody Summer Misty days.
Up here in "Balcón de Pilatos" I found my Lothlórien and became The elven lady of the Woods Galadriel from The Lord of the Rings.

galadriel_silhouette -1080- by Priscilla Hernandez.jpg

As a composer of original music I rather be told I sound like myself but this was a long time request, and the song is lovely. So I went for it.

July: The gifts from our Mother

In gratefulness I wrote this Incantation "Mother". That's the only word in this tune... and It's to say thanks for everything it provides.
BE GRATEFUL for what you've got!

mother lammas -640- by Priscilla Hernandez.jpg

August: Everything is at its greenest

fern (2).jpg

Summer green is deep, air is fragrant and dense... cicadas and crickets resounding in the hot Summer nights.
Here is a still of myself while filming Mora-ia that released in Summer. The forest is teeming with life. Wild berries everywhere.

MORAIACOVER -640- by Priscilla Hernandez.jpg

Also in August I rescued a little mouse... I saved his life and long story short he was relocated outdoors but I've kept visiting... Still it would be just fair I share this little "fufunchi"
So here not a particular good picture but a significant one... This was him during the first days under my care... Just to let you know he thrived and was successfully relocated at a very safe place, where he found a girlfriend and had babies. Up to this day I visit him with food and nuts. But that is another story that I will leave for another day. Just to say I spent most August sleepless taken care of a rescued orphaned mouse.

IMG_20210724_132750 -640- by Priscilla Hernandez.jpg

I also filmed a candid version of Greensleeves and since then (August) Fievel is appearing in every video along with my rats "fufunchis". If you know my work you know there are hidden rodents in all my videos.

September 2021

The leaves start to shift and turn golden. I love taking bathes in river as long as weather allows and this was my farewell to Summer. There is nothing like floating on water and letting everything go... the coldness that hold you, the water holding you as if you are weightless, the distant murmur of the hissing river... and all stagnant thoughts just flowing, flowing like water, clear and hyaline.

anjana_yidneth -640- by Priscilla Hernandez.jpg

That day I filmed "The Spirit of Water"

October 2021

Oh, I love October, Autumn's glory... second Harvest! Pumpkin soup, the shifting color of the leaves. Everything just gets moodier and the veil gets thin. I love Halloween so every October I try to get ready for it with a couple of spooky specials. This year's was "The Lingering Light" which I filmed by the ruins where my little mouse now live. Every third day I would visit and by candlelight this came to be.

the_lingering_light (7) -640- by Priscilla Hernandez.jpg

Follow the lingering light
it will guide you through the Darkness

Days are dimmer.

I also was surprised by the announcement of a new album by my favourite band, Tears for Fears (after two decades, what a come back!) so I made a cover of their new song "The Tipping Point"

November 2021

November brought us HiveFest :) and lots indoors time as I started not to feel so well (still mending). So it turned to be a creative month.
Autumn is likely the most romantic time them all. In November they start to fall and the wind carries them all around. I honestly never have enough of this season. This was a bountiful day of November collecting chestnuts.

It was also when Hive suddenly mooned and the post on hive about chestnuts might be the most successful post on hive I've ever posted, which was quite unexpected but still very grateful. Here the link if you want to give it a read.
I think it encouraged some to try roasted chestnuts for the first time so it makes me happy.

castañas2 -640- by Priscilla Hernandez.jpg

I also finished and shared the video of "The Singing Grove" a Celtic autumnal original tune.

December 2021: Another circle around the Sun

Priscilla Hernandez birthday.jpg

Up above, me on my birthday, going to a very special place where every December a sea of clouds is formed. It has become tradition that I go up there to play my flute.

And of course I finished it with a grateful heart and full of "Yule" Spirit. Because as I always mention, Winter is once again the season that will return the light!

So 2022 is almost here...
And 2021 maybe was not so uneventful at all

itfeelslikechristmas2 -1080- by Priscilla Hernandez.jpg

Above: Me December 2021 filming my Christmas Special (previous post)
I won't say it was the best year, health was changeling, the situation with the pandemic has exploded again, a volcano erupted and caused great destruction in my native island (just declared dormant on Christmas Day)... but overall, watching this pictures, I see my sparks of joy, and despite having had an impression that I haven not done enough suddenly I realize how much I've done. And not everything or release was mentioned.
So suddenly I felt I'm worth, I'm enough...But it's time for MORE and my motivation is all rekindled!
So I take the chance to wish you a Lovely Closing of the year

it's a time to renew our determinations and resolutions. Time to plot and improve. Time to hope for the changes we need in our lives. May all your dreams come true.
I hope to share more in 2022 and I will work to make it a more creative and productive one. I already gifted myself a blank notebook... yes just a blank notebook so I can brainstorm and write and fill it to the rims with my dreams. Because what matters is the QUEST, not the destination. And a gentle reminder to be kind to yourselves.

And I hope to make more art (besides music) next year. And hopefully be more organized. But above all I'll continue on my journey within my ability, and will try to overcome the challenges as they come.

Don't forget you must work for your dreams and that everything that is worth requires an effort

Said this, best wishes and now to the moon!

moon goddess (2).jpg

Still above from by cover of "Ode to Cynthia" that I released July 2021

Un saludo también a la comunidad hispanoparlante de hive

Es mi intención el año que viene tratar de tener un blog más bilingüe pero hasta entonces por si alguno se anima a participar de este pequeño desafío de hacer un recap del año: la idea es hacer un artículo con lo destacada de cada uno de los doce meses del 2021, con el propósito de ver las cosas buenas o significativas que nos han pasado a lo largo del año. Usad el hashtag #recap2021 y dejadme el link en comentario para que los pueda leer y votar. No es que tenga un voto extraordinaro, pero lo importante es la intención y no el número. Feliz año nuevo.

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Please comment to encourage. I will upvote every meaningful feedback with proof of reading
Until next! And thanks for your support!

saludo hive 1.gif

Priscilla Hernandez singer-songwriter & illustrator. Cantante e ilustradora


Here's a very brief #recap2021 of the most important events in my life this year. In September, I decided to quit my job and work for myself for a change. Then in October, my wife and I went on a little vacation to the Ozark Mountains to celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary. Any finally, last week I completed my 60th lap around the sun.

Happy belated birthday 🎉🎉🎉🥳 I am myself a December child. Congratulations also on your anniversary too. ❤️ I have seen pictures of those mountains because I have a friend living in Missouri that mentions them often. Sounds like a lovely trip though I confess I struggle with heights and I would be dwelling in the woods. Wishing you a lovely closing of the year and all my best wishes to you and yours for the forthcoming one. Have you seen the fufunchi? I rescued him from a cat and drowning and he spent a full month with me until he was recovered and was relocated in the wild. But I couldn't let him go so I went on visiting and helping him to build a burrow, find a girlfriend. So after months I still go up there every second day to feed him and his many descendants ,🐀🐀🤣. Wild birds and mice on my lap, Disney princess style)

I haven't spotted Fievel in any of your videos yet, but I'm going back through the ones you posted after August and see if I can spot him in any of them.

He is certainly there since "Greensleeves" on lol. Happy New Year 🐀🎉

Happy New Year to you as well!

likewide and now we're officially in 2022

I will do the same thing than you did, especially it's my 4 years anniversary here, so maybe a 4 years restrospective lol; brilliant idea that I am totally stealing hahaha.

Listen, your best video this year, for me was the LOTR but it's because I have a soft spot for this, everything you and @hedac did this year, was better than last year.

Prod, music prod, singing, etc...Everything went up a level, and I think the same bout my stuff, so to mirror what you said, cheers to renewing our motivations and dreams, let's dream even bigger next year!

Oh my but you are not stealing anything but participating in the challenge and hope more people does. I explain it at the beginning, use #recap2021 and leave me a link in comments, I will stop by to read. I thought this is a good prompt not only to know each other but to be aware no year is uneventful. I totally thought mine were, then while writing it did not feel so and found it encouraging.

Aesthetically my fav video was Ode to Cynthia (not included in the post, as of course there were more videos)

But from the list here I personally would pick an original music over a cover because I feel a deeper connection if song is mine, so for me it is "Cold Winter" though lyrics wise the more fitting would be Longing to bloom.

And thank you, at least someone will use the challenge prompt, hope it encourages more. Come later and link it in the comments. Hashtag is #recap2021 🥳 happy new year and lots of ratty squeaks

Unique and mysterious yidneth!
Cryptocurrencies are ephemeral candy wrappers, the value of which is created by people like you. I wish you good health in the New Year, successful trades and human happiness!

I added a few tokens to the effect, I will continue to support you.

Thanks very much for the support and encouragement. We have barely started the new year and all I can say is that I'll continue to try my best, cos trying our best is always enough. I am both scared and motivated but the challenge is in the quest, not the goal. So ready for the challenges as long as my dream is in sight. Blessings and happy new year

The end of the year to look back on what happened. Good or bad is meaningful because it has an effect on us. Anyway, hopefully the new year will be more meaningful.
Happy New Year

Yes, everything happens for a reason. Happy new year

In this part of the world, January to March was a tough weather condition. We have two seasons here, it's all good.

Looking forward to next year.

Our January was the harshest since the seventies, but then it all burst into an early bloom. I was born un the Canary Islands and only to see something there too. But now I'm based in the north of Spain and all four seasons are very different. ❄️🌸☀️🍁

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