Early Spring and a tapestry of flowers in the forest. Mother Nature never fails. Sublime and beautiful Sunday in the Woods.

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celta_scilla -1080- by Priscilla Hernandez -640- by Priscilla Hernandez.jpg

Oh finally a #sublimesunday in the woods... I very much needed a day off grid,in order to disconnect from the current news (no need to explain) at least for a day... A little time for introspection, and healing and grounding. And of course, inspiration for my music, as Mother Nature always is.

This Spring has been rather cold and leaves have delayed... though my little Oak tree (grown from an acorn) has grown new leaves, in the forests oaks and beech trees are still naked and bare, with fragile little green buds and tender baby leaves. But the light striking through has made blooms grow like gorgeous tapestries on the forest floor.
Here is a mosaic with highlights of the day :) (all pictures from 10/4/2022)

highlights woods -640- by Priscilla Hernandez.jpg

It reminds me to my song "Longing to Bloom"

Longing to bloom...
unfolding into the sun
gilded by light
I'm fire

The beginning of our hike was not promising

I have been a bit tired and we needed an "easy" hike. Oh I miss going to the woods every weekend but as I have mentioned in previous posts I have been very fatigued and slowly coming out of my hibernation. It's also been cold and just last weekend it was snowing!! So that's a good 15 C temperature increase in a single week! It takes a little time to adjust but I really needed some forest bathing and hug some trees while grounding in the forest.

@hedac and I parked at a charming country village and headed to a stroll in the woods. The trail was moody and bumpy and It was already midday, the day was clear, the sun a bit bleak but almost hurting after so many shady gloomy weeks, and the forest ahead had all sounds of having been cleared in a messy way and did not look precisely like a fairy tale enchanted forest.

So our start was not promising...


trunks (1).gif

Above: some of the severed trunks seem to be screaming (pareidolia is when something resembles a face)
trunks (2).gif

All in all, we wondered if we had chose the right place and day...

But we went forward and uphill until the magic unfolded... 🌿🌎💚

One of our first stops was this lovely, old and venerable chestnut tree I had this picture taken.

castaño -1080- by Priscilla Hernandez.jpg

There were some early blooms scattered here and there, but overall it felt very wintry... The trees are still dormant, though there are some seedlings unfolding into the light. In a few weeks the canopy will be green (my favourite colour, the one I am wearing probably from now on until the fall takes away the leaves from the branches). For me green is a symbol of growth and hope, and though it's taking a little bit longer than usual, it's definitely on its way.

We noticed the little details... mossy trunks, fungi, spiders and little bugs crawling among the dry leaves... and bees rejoicing on the forest flowers on the first weekend with mild weather we've had so far.


Spongey green moss...
scilla sp. flower by Priscilla Hernandez (1).jpg

Have I ever mentioned I'm obsessed with moss? I wish I could lay my head every night on a mossy pillow.

moss_priscilla_hernandez (2).gif

moss_priscilla_hernandez (1).gif

But the most rewarding highlight of our hike was a tapestry of flowers. We do not have bluebells but we have this Scilla (Squills, coming from greek) flowers blooming spontaneously in the woods. Bear Garlic and Daffodil patches are also easily found in these woods.

woodhyacinths -640- by Priscilla Hernandez.jpg

Scillas is a European native herbaceous perennial plant growing from an underground bulb The genus includes several species. There are several species but in my area is likely likely Scilla Verna (Spring Squill) or Scilla lilium-hyacinthus (wood hyacinths). Scillas bloom in March-April under the deciduous forest before the leaves grow and block the light of the sun. Flowers in the genre Scilla symbolize loyalty, fidelity and constancy and are used often in gardens too as they are not difficult to grow. But finding this tapestry in the beechwood forest was magic, and I filmed a little video but that will take some time to edit.

And nothing to do with the monstrous Greek Nymph Scylla that was a supernatural female creature, with 12 feet and six heads on long snaky necks, though the plants are not edible and are toxic, and in fact it's even recommended to wash hands after handling them :) They also have no fragrance but aren't they beautiful?

scilla sp. flower by Priscilla Hernandez (2).jpg

forest_flowers_spanish_bluebells -640- by Priscilla Hernandez.jpg

Above: The tapestry of Scillas gives a beautiful wash of colour to the forest floor

We rested there and I took out my flute and improvised a melody... I love to compose songs right in the woods, so stay tuned for the results, that will take some time but I wanted to share my lovely Sunday with you just as it happened.

And this was on our way back when the light was already darkening... and there was that cloud blocking the sunlight... for me it looks like a little rat... because of course there had to be a "fufunchi" 🐀 in this post.

nubealien -640- by Priscilla Hernandez.jpg

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Until next! And thanks for your support!

Thanks to @c0ff33a for the Sublime Sunday tag initiative and @ace108 for Beautiful Sunday

Thanks always for supporting my music... if you don't know my work as musician, here is always a good place to check and I really appreciate it. And you can find me as "Priscilla Hernandez on Spotify" 🎵

Priscilla Hernandez
singer-songwriter & illustrator


Nature is so beautiful. Just the right place where you can forget about everything and fully recharge your batteries 😊

I've also had a small trip the past week and seen hundreds of trees being shut down. I'm so disgusted of seeing this landscape lately 😢

I agree, nothing refills energy more nature. Well, at this time of the year some forests have clearings to avoid later forest fires, but certainly could be conducted better. I also some old venerable ones chopped down and i cannot see how a tree can be 50 year growing and then taken down not even for wood. I was glad rest of the trail was still reasonably well

I think the cloud looks like a little rat as well. I also spotted all three fufunchis in the video, so I'm feeling pretty proud of myself right now. Thank you for sharing such a lovely melody.

Yay... The video is old but the rest of the article are pictures from last Sunday I indeed filmed a new incantation just improvising at the very spot but I need some time to edit the video. All in all, I have recorded these serious all through the seasons during several years. Thanks always for trying to locate fufunchis. Did you ever support them in the last video? I know it was complicated but I was willing to tell you where they are but I didn't think of a way to tell you without displaying the game for others. Lol. Tell thank you for caring and for being one of the few participants of the Easter eggs game

I did find the white one sitting by the edge of the cliff. But the other two eluded me.

Nice post, thank You for sharing Your experiences. I was in the forest today as well, at least once per week I have to spend 4-5 hours in the woods just wandering around, looking for shots, animals, antlers, signs of spring... and everything else which will inspire me and help me forget about the rest of the worls just for few seconds ;)...
Since I moved back to Poland, my stress level is about 5 times higher than in Norway, so for now I need as many "escape trips" as possible :).

Did I mentioned Your post is great? ;)

All the best to You!

Thank you so much for your compliment about the post. I also need to go to the forest often. I used to go every weekend but I have been dealing with some health issues and I had to sparse my visits. I used to leave in the country so I have an open road that ends in a little Grove and pond and I walk it all times a week. Still when I get the chance to go further and off grid it is like therapy to me even if I can't and such long hikes as I did before,for now
Ps. I still dream about watching the Northern Lights with my own eyes.
All the best back to you too

Ps2. I understand what you mean about trying to forget for a moment the current turmoil of the world. It is not ignoring it but sometimes we need just to let go for a moment of ground again or to worry and concern and the stress can become poison

4 to 5 hours in the woods is excellent, I guess that it is never enough , especially after a long week. Norway is known for the great landscapes and mountains, you probably miss that. And I have heard that they have great tap water there as well. It's beautiful yet a very expensive country in comparison to Poland

Beautiful 🌻
I'm looking forward to meadows full of wild flowers. Sadly the field opposite me has been mowed in preparation of some construction.

Oh no... I even hate lical major house gardeners when they cut the grass and all wild flowers. I prefer busy bees on dandelions, hope you still have a patch of green close by

Thankfully some wild flowers are only a few minutes walk away. I too prefer the wild look. I don't like perfectly mowed lawns and grasslands.

beautiful pictures😍

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