8th of March: Happy International Women's Day: Feliz Día internacional de la Mujer ❤️+ Rising arms photography (The Goddess Within)

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Happy International Women's Day...
I always say every woman is a goddess.

So this one is for every sister, every mother, every daughter, every artist, scientist, every teacher, every fighter for equality and their rights.

Some pictures of me and my logo

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My logo "YIDNETH"

Remember that goddess inside you.... rise your arms!
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Above: My brand logo "YIDNETH" logo (TM)
When I first designed my logo "YIDNETH" I didn't know that the symbol of the "goddess" and feminine power was represented since Ancient times with the silhouette of a woman rising arms... It was a coincidence but one I always embraced as magical. Here are some pictures of myself and my logo EMBRACING THE GODDESS WITHIN So this post is entirely illustrated by those photos

8th of March: International Women's Day

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Even though there are records of the celebration of Women's day since 1909 (New York, 28th February), It was in 1977 the United Nations declared the 8th of February our day. Every year there seems to be also a goal and focus, and 2022's "Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow", highlighting the contribution of those women who are actively working in their communities for climate change adaptation, mitigation, and response, in order to build a more sustainable future for everybody

Today we celebrate Women and their achievements. And women gather their voices again to fight again for equality especially in those areas of the world were there is still discrimination, bias or struggle to guarantee women's basic rights.

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Tell me about women you admire

It could be another fellow artist, a fellow hiver, some woman in your family...
In gratefulness to all of them, feel free to share in comments a world about them. Today is their day, let us know!
I wanted to wish a HAPPY WOMEN'S DAY and a warm hug to all my fellow sisters in the world... all of you... creators, artists, singers, dancers, mothers, daughters... those who weave kindness in the world, those who care for others, those who sacrifice for the greater good...
I want to mention my mother... who taught me kindness is courage :), she taught me to CARE

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Fantasy Music Muses: Supporting my sisters within my music genre

If you use spotify I've curated this playlist featuring some of my songs but also a selection of many of my sisters, fellow artists and friends. So if you want some fantasy music in your life crafted by talented artists all around the globe, you can tune to this selection.

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Until next! And thanks for your support!


All photos in this post are (c) to myself @yidneth in collaboration with @hedac


Hey! beautiful photographs. I have great admiration for my grandmother and my mother. They had to go through so many bad things in their life, overcome so many obstacles, that sometimes I feel bad for complaining about certain things. They have taught us the true definition of the word "Warrior", that is why today and always they will have my admiration 💪

Thanks for the compliment and happy international women day to yourself too.

Such lovely pictures! You are our Hive goddess :D

Aww thanks so much for the lovely compliment

This post looks very nice, very good job!

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WOW Very beautiful movie. The songs of this movie are very popular. The style of your writing has been very remarkable. And you are beautifully portraying the story of this movie.

But this is not from.a movie, they are all pictures of myself representing my logo. And I am a musician, I make my own music.