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Hello friends
Happy Thursday on a Thursday with rain, which seems more autumn than summer.
IMG_3627 agua.jpg

That's what inspired me this week for the #createthatlook Photo-filters Contest. Round ~ # 14
Hosted by @bliss11 & @drakernoise
I have submerged these figures in a dream lake.
As if the life that we have had to live in these times has us submerged in a deep lake of blue waters and the bubbles cover and caress us.
But at the same time I have given them color since hope is the only thing that we must never lose.

IMG_3627 agua2.jpg
photo for the challenge
I created the effects with photoshop 2020 testing this year's program.
He is faster than the one he had in 2017.
After many layers, gradients and brushes, the result seems pretty to me, the image of a statue of two dancing girls seemed appropriate to me.
It transmits hope and joy to us, I hope you like it.

IMG_27 copia.jpg

Editing and filters in the images make our art different and more like we really are, how our subconscious works almost without realizing it.
In my case I want to create something that is thought but as I work on the image, something completely different from what I had thought comes out and that surprises me and I like it.

Image © txatxy. All Rights Reserved.
Original content by Original content by @txatxy



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You are welcome. 🙂

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 12 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Qué agradable fantasía y derroche de imaginación. Feliz jueves

sabes que eso nunca me falta jaja igual hasta demasiado
buen día

Very cool, pretty girl!

hello handsome boy I'm glad to see you I'm always out of time
Happy Thursday 🌹

Wow....that is really impressive. 😍 It looks so alive in the dream lake, I like your creativity here. The original statue of the two dancing girls look a frozen moment in time. 💕 A pretty cool edit too...thanks for your entry. 🤗

Hello thank you very much
I always have fun and I love that you like it
Happy Friday

I have that same Photoshop but I wouldn't know how to do that editing, I'm just learning. I loved the way the editing went, they look like two dancing fairies.