The winter version of a " Thinking about home" found a new home!

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An happy Saturday to all hivers here! Today the sky is totally white over my city and I can smell the snow in the hair. Maybe we will have a white Christmas time on the mountains close to us, but in the meantime I enjoy the warm wool blanket I have on my legs while I'm writing here. ^_^

I'm here before to go to work in the bookstore to share with you a good news: the winter version of a " Thinking about home" found a new home!

adopted (18).png

As you can see in the pics, the subject is one of my women in profile with a tiny scenes on her hair, everything n the shades of white and grey colors.


DSCN0218 (2).JPG

It's an oil painting on 200 gsm paper in A4 size I painted in September 2020 and soon it will fly to Us. The same customer bought also the painting I made just a couple of days ago, the "Thinking about the sea I shared with you here !
I think it's a positive start of the Christmas time,so I want to share some good vibes with you, hoping you will have a wonderful weekend!

See ya soon and stay safe,

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Your style is always unique and lovely.
Your artwork always is mesmerizing. ❤️
Incredible work dear friend @silviabeneforti

amazing and i appreciate your pic .

Thanks so much ^_^