The sweet black cat found a new home!

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An happy Sunday to all hivers here! The snow is very close to us today and it's beautiful to see the white peak all around my city watching out of my window. The air is really cold outside and so me and my hubby @paolobeneforti decided for a relaxed Sunday spent at home. Just a fast walk along the side of the river close our home to breath the fresh air and to clean our minds, but we are spending the most part of the day working inside our (warm) lab. ^_^

Today I'm here to share with you a good news: the sweet black cat I painted just few days ago found a new home!

adopted (12).png

Maybe you remember this (fat) black cat with a crown of flowers around the body, cause I shared it with you when I finished to paint it ad before to add it to my gallery on my Artfider shop.


It's an oil painting on 200 gsm paper in A4 size and very soon it will fly to Us!

Just to now, today one of my american customers wrote to me to say the paintings she bought from me arrived to her home and she loves them so much! I love when my customesr and collectors write me their positive feedback about my artworks. They are always so nice and it's really a wonderful sensation, believe me!
As you can understand, every time one of my pieces found a new home it's an happy time for my work and for the family balance, so I want to share a lot of good vibes with you!

See ya soon and stay safe,

***If you like my artworks, you can find them on my online shops on
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Thanks so much ^_^

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