Finally the book arrived to my hands! ^_^

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Happy Tuesday to everyone here! I'm here to share a wonderful news: yesterday the courier knocked at my door and he gave me a pack from the italian publishing house Barta.
Inside the cardboard box there were some copies of the book titled "Artiste", the final result of a (long) project started about 3 years ago with other italian artists to tell the stories of the women artists of the past and finally the book arrived in my hands! ^_^

In the past I shared with you all the steps of this project and now I can show you the book. Everything started thanks my friend Flavia Luglioli who had the idea to tell more about some female artists of the past and I thanks so much her!
It's a comic book with 15 short stories about 15 different artist women from the past, every story was drawn from a different artist women in form of comic. Personally, I drawn a short story (6 pages) about Angelica Kauffman wo was a Swiss painter, an excellent portraitist known in London and Rome. The episode of her life I tell thanks my short comic inside this book is about her role in the Royal Academy in London. She was, (with the painter Mary Moser), one of founding members of the Royal Academy (1768) but she couldn't stay during the meetings of the founding members cause she was a woman. She was an excellent artist and also a strong woman, believe me ^_^



It was a wonderful experience for me, because It was the first time I work on a comic and even if I made it about 3 years ago and in the meantime my own style in paintings changed, I'm happy to see my (old) characters in a short comic.


I'm proud to be part of a group of 15 artists from different part of Italy to tell the stories (and the issues) of the women artists of the past.
See ya soon and stay safe,

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Congratulations! It must feel marvelous to see your art in a book!

Thanks, Mary ^_^

Congratulations, had to feel great to hold your baby book

It will be a great book to read


Thanks so much, Ervin!!! ^_^

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Thanks ^_^

Congratulation dear friend @silviabeneforti. your characters is so awesome. great achievement.

Thanks so much ^_^

you are a great artist dear friend