Finally, it's raining! ^_^

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Hello hivers, I hope your Thursday is going ok!
Here it's raining a little after many many sunny days and everything around me seems to breath again. ^_^
Months ago I wrote a content about how much I feel myself so relaxed while the raindrops run on the glass of the window in front of me and finally today te (very) hot weather give us a pause.
The plum tree in my backyard is suffering cause the few water and this year we have just few fruits to eat (the past years it gave me a lot of fruits and I used to cook some jars of good jam).
I really hope in a couple of days of rain to see again vivid colors on the branches of the trees and on the plants in the garden close to mine.

Yesterday, in the late afternoon, I took some pics of the sky over my head while I was in my backyard. There were some dark clouds on the sky and there was a very interesting light to see:




I didn't adjust the pics after I took them with my camera, thanks tem you can see exactly what I saw yesterday. Isn't it a wonderful, natural, show? ^_^

Well, now I have a cup of coffee in my hand and I'll drink it in front of the window enjoyng the fresh air after a log hot time.

See ya soon and stay safe,

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It's good that the rain has finally arrived to give a little respite to the temperature
It's beautiful dear friend @silviabeneforti. enjoy the rain, here we love rainy days
enjoy it a lot