A sheep full of clouds found a new home!

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An happy Saturday to all hivers here!

It's raining hard here today and I can hear the sound of the randrops on the glass of the window close to me while I'm writing here. I like this sound, it's relaxing.

Waiting to come back to work in the bookstore with my hubby, I want to share with you a new good news about my artwork: one of the first freaky sheep I've ever painted found a new home!

adopted (2).png

I painted this piece in the 2016, thinking about a way to speech we use here in Italy that says "Cielo a pecorelle, acqua a catinelle". It means that when we see a lot of clouds in form of the sheeps on the sky, it will rain hard soon. ^_^

grey sheep ok.jpg

It's an oil painting on a large sheet of paper made by hand (I found that paper in a corner of the lab, maybe my hubby bought it many years ago ^_^ ) and very soon it will fly to Hong Kong to one of my collectors!

At that time I painted (and sold) another similar one:

grey ship ochre clouds.jpg

As you can understand, every time I sold one of my piece is an happy time for my art (and for the family balance too), so I want to share some good vibes with you!

See ya soon and stay safe,

***If you like my artworks, you can find them on my online shops on
Artfinder ( https://www.artfinder.com/silviabeneforti#/) and on Etsy (https://www.etsy.com/shop/vumap). ^_^ ****


Hey, Hope you're Having a Good day. Glad to came across to this been quite long!

It sounds like will rain here tonight. That's the finest Art of yours and NGL, I loved that concept.

Happy to see it is sold and Owner would be also really happy to have it.

Happy for you and it's always great to share some Good vibes.

Awesome and wish you a great weekend ahead.

Thanks for your nice words, @idksamad78699 ^_^

Hehe, the opposite can be said of mine. There's no sign of rain over here.

Another cool piece from you. Weldone.

Thanks ^_^