Abstract photography with water drops

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In these rainy and cold days, I decided to practice abstract photography a bit with the help of the small drops that are suspended in the glass of some windows, the effect that is created with this is very striking.



This first shot was obtained when some drops still remained on the glass almost intact, I was able to capture them with good clarity, I liked the light and some shadows that form on certain drops.




In this shot, more than drops directly from the rain, it was the dew that brought the air against the window, the humidity of the environment and the small drizzle that fell, the effect that is created with the tiny droplets and the warm interior of the house, it makes the outside, the back of a neighboring house, seem almost unrecognizable.




As it has already been raining for a few hours without searing, the cold ravages the environment, as day falls and night comes and with it, low temperatures, so it is usual to begin to see how the drops that still remain in the crystals, start to freeze giving me a nice shot that I did not miss.




In this last photograph I take a close-up where you can see some drops with strange shapes, the largest with lines and peaks while the smallest cling to their well-known spherical shape, I really like how the lights and shadows play a role very important giving it a more interesting and striking appearance



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