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The announcement about hive has been massive and been very positively responded to. As of 20th March, HIVE will be officially live and we will be airdropped our skin in the game with an exception to a few selected accounts. A few key aspects have been touched up in HIVE and will supposedly be the ultimate form of steem, powered by the community, guided in decentralisation. Improvements in governance, decentralisation, community, exchanges and so much more has already been teased at. Apparently, a team of over 30 members including devs, finance support systems and designers have been working hard in the past few weeks to make this dream come true.

image.png is already open to visit and one of the many discussed problems already seems to have been solved - the landing page. It is absolutely welcoming and sends out just enough information for anyone to choose themselves as interested or not.


The most sought after question in the announcement post as well in the original blocktrades post is how the exchanges would react to it and whether the HIVE coin would at all be listed. Within 2 days of the blocktrades post we have already witnessed multiple exchanges putting forward their hands to shake and list the HIVE coins. It is not only a show of supporting the community right after it went under a plethora of scrutiny but also strands proof to the fact that exchanges see and believe in the potential HIVE and its community brings to the cryptoverse both as a social platform and as investment option. The likes of binance and huobi will list hive.

I also came across in the comment section of the announcement post that had promised to list HIVE. As a first time encounter I decided to check them out and after a simple and quick sign up process found them very intersting.


The business of fun, huh?
The exchange looks pretty simple and easy to use. They do have multiple easy to browse tabs that makes the experience splendid. It's my first time around so I do not still understand many of the components, not to mention I'm not very tech savvy.
That being said they will not list HIVE, because they already have and are prepared for the BOOM.

BTC/HIVE, pretty cool.

Also, they have other options of trading, some tech stuff and games(deal breaker) along with bounties that leads to githubs to see the bounties.


They also allowed me to choose my username.NOICE!

What are you waiting for?
HIVE is around the corner. Get prepared. Sign up.



More so expected than amazing. If steem had the potential to be listed in many exchanges including having a robust community, its obvious the successor HIVE will too

Great news!

It sure is. I'm excited to see more listings.

Hmmm, I'm not interested in using those exchanges and... What if it's just a ploy to help Justin become a King Bee on Hive? Now he gets millions in the airdrop too...

He's not gonna get shit. His accounts are exempted from the airdrop. Thank you.

His Steem accounts yes, but not necessarily his exchange accounts.

He can chose to create alt accounts today and stack it with enough steem so as to get airdropped after the fork 🍽. He can get to buy Hive tokens if he wants. But that power he wants, he can't get it on the Hive blockchain. Everything are in place to check any hostile takeover from one individual.

I think the biggest loophole would be if he holds on binance. In that case he will also get the airdrop 1:1.
As of now, not letting him or any centralised entity back in power is on the top of the list. It is certain that selected accounts will not get the airdrop, how does that afect accounts that get airdrop from exchanges is unclear.
Also, lets not forget the 30 days powered up account voting delay.

I'm very interested to see how things turn out.

Me too bro. Interesting times ahead😊

lol no they dont have anything in place, telos does telos has real smart contract systems in place arbitrators network operating agreement but hive is just steem lol a fork without the stuff that telos has that will actually stop a take over

yeah ive never heard of ionomy and its probly just a scam centralized exchange and blocktrades has been price gouging us for years and NOt an exchange but a dinky little coin swap site NOT an exchange because an XCHANGE lets us create buy and sell orders, blocktrades forces us to pick their price lol. we cant just act like hive is not a bunch of bullshit

hive is full of false advertising and if they have some BTC great but they cant say they have some sort of decentralized storage system, where? Thats NOT part of steem lol and if its just IPFS thats really lame

DSTORon telso actually does have a next gen storage system but yeah steem devs have their heads up their own asses and never venture out to look at what people in real word actually are up to


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Awesome! I created an account with them earlier today.

I too wanna create an account with them, help me.

Good to know. I believe there will be more. Just like the steem price the HIVE prices will hold a position and create a new base price for sometime - coz there will always be people trying buy in there position on the whales list.

and straight back to stage 1: preparing to give centralized exchange your power.

Eeek.Didn't see it that way. Now that you mention it I do believe that holding on exchanges is a much bigger issue than exchanging on them. Then again, as more exchanges will list hive we could cherry pick the ones that serve our interests.

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