Change can be a challenge, but one worth facing.

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We have all gone through moments in our lives where we are forced to change, or at least, moments where we want to change for the better, and obviously we encounter difficulties, that is because our brain sometimes finds it hard to cope with change.



Hello friends I hope you are very well, recently I heard a co-worker telling another 'Relax, your problem is that your stupid brain is catching up with the fact that you are a new man... changed for the better' and although I laughed a lot, I could identify with that friend who is trying to improve....

Sometimes we want to change, or we have to change, and although we have every intention, for some reason we can't, of course this does not mean that we are stupid, but our brain does struggle to adapt to change, and yes sometimes in a struggle that we can lose at times, but this struggle is one that is worth persisting in, as it can bring not only the benefit of not only correcting that which we want to change, but also overall health benefits.

For all of this there is a scientific basis.

Neuroscientist, neurologist, and neuro-oncologist Satosh Kesari explains that as our life begins, and we begin to explore the world, the brain begins to create predetermined responses to certain situations, we begin to measure the consequences of our actions and compare them with the results, pain should be avoided, if you are hungry you ask for food, this is a way of interacting with the world that is engraved in our brain, and allows us to have answers at hand for every situation without having to go through the process of learning everything all over again, as we grow up, our daily life is filled with all these predetermined answers, as a way of dealing with the world we create habits, routines, methods.... However, the fact that a way of being or reacting was right in the past does not mean that it will always be right, the world changes, it is constantly the nature of the universe to change?

And sometimes, our inability or unwillingness to change is what hurts us, alienates us, anchors us to a painful past.

The brain finds it hard to change because when it encounters a situation with which it is unfamiliar, or a situation in which habitual reactions do not produce positive results, it becomes defensive, this evolutionary characteristic that is engraved in our subconscious to protect us from the unknown dangers of the primitive world, today can work against us, making us flee to the familiar and possibly incorrect as soon as we encounter something new...

But change can bring many benefits...


And not only in relation to the novel situation in front of us, it happens that, our brain, our neural network in a way works like a muscle, if you do not use you, if you do not think and reflect, this atrophies, but as it becomes customary to learn new things, try new things, learning new things, thinking and reflecting, it stays active, and just like an active muscle, it is healthier than an inactive one, learning new things and working on our defects helps prevent mental illness, improves mood and self-esteem and of course allows us to keep a sharp mind.

So now you know, it is good to try to change, to recognize what we do wrong and what we don't and why it can be wrong, to accept that the world around us lives in a state of permanent change and sometimes we have to adapt to it....

And we also have to recognize that we can all fail when we try to change, it is not that we are stupid, it is that the human brain has a reflex to resist change, but if we gradually work on it, and keep striving, we will find that it not only solves the problem that needed us to adapt, but in general, it will lead us to a happier life.
Thank you for reading me, happy evening to all.

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