HOME is where good friends and sunset are...

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This place has been our hide out during our college days. We mostly stayed here with my our friends after class or even staying for the night. It faces the island of CAMIGUIN. And the little island called PULO. Half of my college classmates were my closest friends. This place means a lot to us. Our failing grades sadness, heartbreaks and more. This place knows everything about us. From our first dates to ending our relationship from the past and so on.So, me and some of my closest friends always visited this place from time to time to just reminisce about our previous life together being students struggling with our emotional phase in our lives and how we become a better person now. That's why coming home sometimes makes me feel excited apart from being with my family. BUt, also to see my old good friends who stayed around.

The view has been a plus and the serenity of the place. We mostly have towels or blankets over the sand and have some small drinking sessions and just laugh about life.

Can't wait to be home again and see those familiar faces and be able to talk about life and more.

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ang sexy mo pa dun 😁.. I miss you @itsmiessyonpeakd 🥺🥰 .. ingat ka lagi

Sexy pa naman ako ngayon GEREL hahaha. I miss your too. Visit us diri puhon 💖 Ingat ka din lagi. 💜💜💜untitled.gif

Ka nice uy atbang ra sa inyu ang camiguin, dugay na kay na nako gusto anhaon 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Super atbang Ra kaayo sis.. 💛💛💛 Diha Gani ko moagi Sahay. Via Camiguin to Bohol dung diri Cebu.

Ayyy makasuya 🤣🤣🤣

Visit nag Camiguin puhon 💖🙏🏼

I see serenity!

Super 💟

I love the beach and sunsets, tita and you look pretty in your pictures 😍

Thank you, Langga! 😘

You're welcome, tita 😘

There is indeed no place like home

Super indeed 😊💕

Welcome 😁