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Here you can see all the elements of this post in one place; the road, the farm, the lush green vegetation, the animals, my two friends, and my car in the foreground.
One sheep and the donkey walked to the fence to greet the casual tourists.
The rest of the flock was busy chewing the hay.
I zoomed in to follow the action.
Meanwhile ...
... the donkey and the sheep were chatting with my friends.
I don't know what to say here. Just another sheep, that's it.
When this photograph was taken, the donkey got tired of talking and went for a fresh snack, one of the many that grew down on the ground.
Here, the focus is on the donkey again. And that's all. It was a quick stop so the post can't be very long.

A month ago, on the 29th of October, I published a post about the town called Barban, here on Liketu. While driving from Zminj, another small town, to Barban, back then on the 29th of October, I saw a small farm more or less halfway between the two towns. I passed that way before and photographed the animals that live there for the first time at the end of summer, in the first half of September. The sheep and the donkey shown in today's post are the same; the weather and the overall atmosphere are similar, but the photographs aren't. You'll see some unpublished moments. You'll see the animals in new poses. And you'll also see a bit of the rural scenery. Hope you'll enjoy this short stop by the side of the road.


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I love the sheep and donkey. We don't seem to have donkeys around here. I never think about it, and then when I see your pictures it occurs to me.

That sheep is really engaging. Very nice, enjoyable photos.


Yay! 🤗
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Mind refreshing Place that Is... We have Bhurban small town in my country which also have same Vibes.

That's Kinda Awesome Shots You Got there.

The sheep look so happy at their food stall. I've always liked donkeys, this one is quite pretty.

Wow, you took the time to take really cool pictures.

Are you friends with the donkey and the sheep too?😸

😀 Of course. 🙂


The one of the donkey and the sheep are really pretty...

you did some really cool! general shoots followed for mid shoots and then close shots! that makes a nice framing!

Beautiful place to enjoy nature and animals, nothing more relaxing than a field day

the sheep eat very enthusiastically..and I see donkeys can be friendly with sheep too, your journey is full of inspiration. Good luck always.

Cute farm animals @borjan 👋🏻😊 great photographs.
Have a wonderful Sunday ☀️

Thanks 🙂A great Sunday to you too.

You are welcome @borjan 😎 thank you so much.

The donkey 🐴 and sheep 🐑 are looking like they are good friends 😁

Seeing the sheep made me smile. Honestly, I have not seen a natural sheep; only goats are numerous here on my side. I wonder how they behave in reality, hehe. This place is so breathtaking, and I so love the view. The animals are like models, for they pose in the beautiful scenery you have captured, my friend. !PIZZA

Hi @borjan ,the donkey and the sheep are there , the different photo is the first one on the left , I could not place it alone , in the one on the left the donkey is further away from the sheep .
I like to observe and that is what I liked about your post, look for the different photo.
I wish you a happy weekend


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