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The photographs I'm about to show you today were taken a long time ago. The year was 2008. I bought the Canon EOS 350D, my first digital SLR, a year before. But only in 2008, I added some macro-related stuff to my equipment.


Here, especially if you enlarge the picture by clicking on it, you can see two Crematogaster auberti ants and a Theba pisana snail. It looks like one of the ants is attacking the snail which is retreating into its shell. Theba pisana is a small snail, and the ants shown in this photograph are minuscule. Besides the macro lens, I also used an external flash to light the scene in an interesting way.

In this photograph, a grasshopper nymph is resting on the dry thorny leaf of the Scolymus hispanicus plant. Locusta migratoria is the scientific name of this grasshopper species.


This beautiful shiny beetle belongs to the Chrysomelidae family. Chrysomelidae are commonly known as leaf beetles. The scientific name of the leaf beetle shown in this third random shot is Chrysolina herbacea.

This is a dragonfly. The Sympetrum striolatum female.

In the last shot of today's post, you can see a fly from the Bombyliidae family. It could be the bombylius minor but I'm not sure about that.



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seems like a good spot for some of your posts... especially that certain one -- even worth cross-posting there, I guess. Hot Hive !PIZZA for you. 🍕

Wow. 😀 Didn't know about this specialized community. Great to know! Thanks.

That fly is so stinkin' cute. This makes me want to get a macro lens.

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Incredible the details that can be noticed in each insect and in the snail that you show in this post, again I applaud the quality of your photographs @borjan, I think I will have to make an investment to improve the quality of the pictures I take, you will always notice the difference between a professional camera and the ones that come with the phones. On the other hand, the Crematogaster ants are unmistakable thanks to the shape of their abdomens, I really liked both the initial photo and the one of the fly of the Bombyliidae family.

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To support your work, I also upvoted your post!

Now i can understand why you are soo god with macro photography pfff... you have more than 15 years of experience on this style!

Yes. 🙂A lot of practice.

Oh My!!!... I've loved this!!!!



Thanks for sharing @borjan friend!

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How on earth did that fly sit still waiting for you to snap a picture... They are all fuckingg amazing.... I especially love the details in the photos😎😎


Many diurnal insects are usually calm and slow early in the morning and at the end of the day.

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Awesome macro shots… so much details. Wonderful to see.
Love the snails house.
Have a great end of the week @borjan 👋🏻😊

Omg the third picture is so good! Greenish uh bluish? Is it weird if I say the beetle's so pretty! Cause it is,hehe;)

I also went with a trip to the northern areas of Pakistan in 2008 and I also took a lot of pictures, but due to the breakdown of the mobile phone, those pictures could not be returned. All these insect's looks so beautiful and cute.

Love your photography. Each and every colors and even the lines on their bodies also visible. How are you photographed so realistic? You present them as real.

Nice nice pictures!!!
I love them.

That was 15 years ago, but the quality of pictures are still great.

El escarabajo es un insecto muy exótico y también impresionante, he leído que son muy laboriosos

El escarabajo es un insecto muy exótico y también impresionante, he leído que son muy laboriosos.

El escarabajo es un insecto muy exótico y también impresionante, he leído que son muy laboriosos.

El escarabajo es un insecto muy exótico y también impresionante, he leído que son muy laboriosos.

El escarabajo es un insecto muy exótico y también impresionante, he leído que son muy laboriosos.

Omg this is soo beautiful shorts of these insects looks so stunning.

The grasshopper looks so cool and mythical ✨
The fact that the wings almost became invisible is a nice touch too...

You have captured the shots beautifully. Every picture looks a masterpiece in it.
Nice old collection of photos. Thanks for sharing with us. Have a wonderul day ahead.

Insects this close up look so Alien, Mother Nature is truly amazing !LOL

Superb Macro photography, well done!

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Credit: vaipraonde
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They all look clear and very beautiful.
That fly has big needles must be very painful bite

what camera was used to take the picture my friend I congratulate you I love your shot

i liked this dragonfly photo you shared

@borjan Awesome photography friend ! 😇


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