Trial and Error

Apparently 800 ISO just doesn't hold up like 400. I put some Kodak 800 in my Nikon N50 and I tried to adjust as best I could for the unknown number of decades since it expired.

I guess every experiment is a chance to learn. Next time I will probably push this film a bit both in exposure and in development.

I love trying new things, but damn, this is hard. A whole roll and nothing came out exposed correctly. I'm glad the 400 came out, at least I know it's not complete incompetence with development. It's just not knowing how much to compensate for an unknown number of years past expiration.

Next time I'll know to compensate more, mayyyybe the pictures will come out brighter. Grainy? Yes. Well exposed? Hopefully....






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I'd say that 800 is pretty good for low-light scenarios! Nice to see you keep experimenting :)


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grain is really ok :-)
interesting that the first image is turned out perfectly

It's the only image shot in bright sunlight lol

i see