Monomad Photography Challenge # 71: Butterflies

in Black And White3 days ago

Hello steemians how are you doing today hope you will be well. Greetings from Indonesia and I am in the province of Aceh,
On this occasion, I would like to share some black and white images with all of you. The object I want to display today is a butterfly perched on a flower.

To me, a black and white photo is one that throws color away and creates any emotional context that has to do with the main subject. By removing the color, black and white photography can highlight certain details in a composition that are often obscured by color.

Here are some pictures. Hope you guys like it. And enjoy my black and white photos :




Original Content

Mypictureday - Best Photography Smartphone

Location of PhotoLhokseumawe-Aceh
Editing Sofwersnapseed
Camera UsedIphone 7 Plus Camera + lensbong

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