Celebrating the New Lego Tribe - WIN FREE LEGO!!!

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Wow! What a week? Between a hectic time in the office, and my 4 year old starting school (kinder), it's been crazy and I've really struggled to find the free time to jump on here. Maybe next week will be a little less crazy.

So what's been happening here? I see the new Tribe created by @galenkp is really taking off. So much so, that I thought we can celebrate that growth with a little giveaway.

I'm going to give away this Nexo Knights Limited Edition Foil Bag - posted at my expense anywhere in the world (though I may have trouble getting anything into China at the moment).


So how do you win it? Pretty simple really.

Make a Lego related post, I don't care what, it can be photos of your collection, it can be a story about your favourite Lego set, it can be about the time you were taking a shower and someone came home early so you had to sprint naked through the house and you trod on Lego collapsing in a scraming heap...(or is that just me?). It really doesn't matter, just make the post, use our Tribe tag #hive-142010 as the FIRST tag, and also drop a link to it here in this post (just so we can make sure we don't miss it). - It has to be a new post though, no re-using anything you've already posted prior to me posting this contest....

Then in about a week, when this post reaches payout, I'll ask @galenkp to help me pick a winner.

Pretty simple right? That's the idea. Just have fun, and share our love of those little plastic bricks.

So what are you waiting for? Get to it, and until next time, Leg Godt - Play Well


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You're a gentleman and a scholar Lego nut! 😂

Nice work my friend. Gonna resteem this one mate. Have a great weekend.

Thanks for the resteem. Hopefully we can generate some activity here.

Hope so. It'll take time though I think. We'll get there.

Indeed it will. Though this Tron news has kept everyone occupied a bit today.

Yeah I see...It's business as usual for me though. I have no bearing or influence over it and whatever happens will proceed irrespective of me worrying about it. No point speculating I guess.

Much the same. Whatever will happen, will happen regardless. I'll just see where it takes us.

What’s the deadline for this?

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Roughly post payout (next weekend)

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*** RANDOM SPOT PRIZE!!!! *** Since you were the first entry received, I've transferred you 1 SPI token. For more details on the initiative, check out @spinvest

Hi @brickmanbrad
Thanks for organizing this.
I leave my entrance.
Thanks for organizing this.
I leave my entrance.

Thanks for taking the time to enter, and good luck. There are a few good entries, so I'm kinda glad that I don't have to pick a winner by myself.

My feeble Lego skills result in this odd entry


Haha good luck all :)

Feeble? I think not. That's a fantastic entry. Good luck!

Yet another awesome entry. Great to see people getting involved. Long live the plastic brick!!!!

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resteemed and I will enter this contest :)

Awesome. I'm also hoping to see entries from @steemean, @nooblogger, @henryclarke to name just a few


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So, who's winning @brickmanbrad?

Great question @galenkp. I was going to ask your thoughts on it. So hard to choose a winner.

Thanks. I had both of these shortlisted too, so I'll ponder over the rest of the weekend, and post a winner on Monday.

Nice idea, @brickmanbrad

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