Random day of photos in Cambodia


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A day to wander to collect some of my thoughts. For below is are pictures that were taken as I wandered around town and have no really thread other then being in Cambodia. So I present some pictures of the day that came about in an odd way.

The morning was spend lounging on the water and wondering what could be done with the day. The plans of my friend coming from the homeland is happening in a short order of time. There is not much to do but a bit of planning to make sure I am there to meet my friend at the airport.

The kitty sleeping during the day. Don't worry it will still be here sleeping when the night comes. Sleeping still mot likely. I almost thought this cat was a toy as it was there so much.

Time to let someone else drive.

Wandering the streets to see what I have been missing while riding in the back of a tuck tuck. Some days it is nice to not rive and few a few bucks one can ride around the city to have a look around.

The can motorbike. I wonder if they welded the axles together if this machine would still roll around.
The can motorbike. I wonder if they welded the axles together if this machine would still roll around. 

Here he comes to almost get run over.

The margin of errors is very tight on the streets some days. This guy almost got smoked by the driver. 

Passing by the festivities that are being set up for.
Passing by the festivities that are being set up for.

Passed by this quickly but I got a shot. 

Time for an evening stroll along the boardwalk.

As the evening fades and the light dimes the ideas of the days have taken hold and form. What is to be done in the coming weeks and months will be decided upon as it comes. 

It is time to head back to the resort and relax and get some food for the night. 

The cats still in a pile sleeping.
The cats still in a pile sleeping.

The life they lead is something that is astonishing.
The life they lead is something that is astonishing.

Last shot of the kitties as they sleep the night away.

Tanks for wandering around Cambodia with me. As the arrival of my friend is near the time spent taking pictures and writing stories draws close to a close. There will be more but more time will be spent being with my friend and taking part in life for some time. The camera gets to stay behind most times. It is the memories and living in the moment which is what matters.

-Photos are just a placeholder for the memories and feeling that exist inside.

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