Garden journal reminiscence :)

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This is not a garden journal to describe the current state of our plants, but rather a true journal of what happened these last months, from November to January, when we were dedicated to the olive groves :)


Every year we say that we are going to have a more relaxed rhythm and not get exhausted. Well, every year the productions gets better and better and we find ourselves working harder and harder. We like to work on our own, but even if we didn't like it, workers are way over our budget, and anyway on our own we can still keep a tempo close to our potential. Keeping the balance is essential to keep us going through these months.


We have a very special friend that came from Athens to help us and stayed with us for some weeks, precious help and good company. We are so grateful for this visit :)

Let's go and do some work!


I am sure I have mentioned before, our fields are the opposite of flat... There is only one guy that doesn't find anything wrong to this :)


I was happy to steal a few minutes and take some photos! Olive harvest is hard work, but the fact that you produce your own olive oil is priceless. To be honest, I might be happier if I have some trees for us and not as a job, but that's another story and it takes a lot of discussion!



We make a good team with @fotostef out at the fields, this is an adventure that we both started together 9 years ago and there is no sign of regret! Working close to nature has changed our life, no doubt!


They say, be careful what you wish for, and we wished for a good harvest :)
We had a top quality and super tasty olive oil, the greatest reward.


Although there were moments we all wanted to scream, haha!


All went perfect in the end!


Of course we took some days off to lay our bodies on the sofa in front of the stove and do NOTHING! That was sooo good!

Next step, pruning. January is the best month for this job. There is a saying: Prune in January and don't look at the moon. Meaning that this month is so ideal that it doesn't matter in what phase the moon is.


And one of my duties is to run after the maniac with the chainsaw and deal with the mess :) I like putting the branches around the trees for the chipper to come! This is great food for the trees.


This time I wish I didn't have any news from Markos to share... But I have cause he had the brilliant idea to roll on some poop... There are hundreds of sheep around and plenty of their production. It was getting dark and we were ready to go when I saw him. Luckily I had shampoo in the van, forgotten from our vacation time when the farmer's van was a camper van!
And because it was cold I gave hime my fleece :)
This is the result! He was not happy at all, but on our way back the whole van smelled coconut 🤣



For the end a mystery. This chair is every time we go there in another place and it always looks like a man's hand put it there. This time it was on a tree.


The second harvest is the wood, always useful :)


Happy gardening everyone! And take care of yourselves too, not just the plants!

This is my contribution to the amazing Garden Journal Challenge by HiveGarden community and generous @riverflows and team :)

All the pictures and the words are mine.

If you would like to know more about me this is my introduction post.


How great that you can produce your olive oil. And congratulations on a good harvest.
Markos looks very funny with the fleece cover. He sure was scented after the coconut shampoo, lol.

Thank you so much dear @coquicoin for your sweet feedback and your support!
Yes, it is so nice that we can have our own olive oil!
Markos did great this year, during the whole harvest and almost the whole pruning period he was a gentleman, but he couldn't resist on the penultimate day :)) Next year he will do even better 😁
Thanks again!

Lovely post! I sure wish I had an olive tree after reading this. Great photos too.

What is that tool he is carrying over his shoulder, the spiky one?

Thank you so much @owasco!
These are the sticks with which we harvest the olives. The spiky head (called urchin) is pulsating and helps to get the fruit detached from the tree without hurting it. I hope the description helps a bit :)

Wow I have been impressed with all your images. It is a paradise on earth. What beautiful pictures you took of your nature. The only one I noticed that wasn't very happy was your dog. I don't think he liked that bath you gave him. How tasty the olive oil.

Thank you so much dear @gertu! Olive oil is super tasty and this year's harvest was one of the best!
Well, the dog doesn't like baths for sure :) But it was inevitable, he should have known better, but I am sure he will forget it till next time :)

Wow.. olives i love olives and most important of all i admired your shots. Congratulations on your olive harvest

Thank you so much @protokkol! I am glad I had some time to take these photos, I was carrying the camera with me for more than two months, but you know, when you work it's hard to take a break for a shooting, you take a break for some rest :)

Oh Marcos looks so forlorn and adorable. What a cool update! Someday when you can ship to America I will be first in line for your olive oil. I was telling my friend about your olive oil. She gave me some flavored olive oil for Christmas.

Oh yes, he is a sweet boy, but sometimes we also have our issues :)
Thank you for the vote of confidence, it means the world to us :)

Oh @traisto, I love reading of your life. I can feel the burn, the hard work, the tired muscles, but also a sense of joy. Perhaps next year we will come and help. When would be the best month to do that, if you'll have us? Our loose plan is 'arrive in UK in January and see what happens that year'. Lol.

Hey River! Thank you so much for the sweet feedback and for volunteering :) That would be awesome! November is mainly the month for harvesting and January the month of pruning. December might have both, but it all depends on the year. We are on the verge of a big change, but I wouldn't miss the chance to be with you out at the fields!!!

I might be as useless as Marco though.....

Cool to read about how you harvest, and clean a dog in the field. :))

Especially on how to clean a dog in the field :))
Thank you so much dear @goldenoakfarm!