Cambodian sunset

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Hello to all the sunset lovers. Today i present a sunset that kept on getting better and better. The sunset was in Cambodia on the river Preaek Tuek Chhu on an evening that grew brighter then faded to black. Lets have a look at how the evening started.

The boatman presses the pol along the ground to move around the inlet just under the sky that is starting to glow the red hue of the gasping light.

He presses on as the light change in front of us all.

The dark hue creeps in from all side and make this night movie worth watching.

Slowly does it the boatman move along the water and the sun reflects the ocean and the sky, it seems.

Moving along as the boats do the water swirls the sun like the sky does to.

And Dim it all goes the moment of clouds covering the spot of sun.

The boat moves along the deep red orange glow, the water is no longer blue.

The sun and the boat get more intense as they peak in colour and form.

After this point the light go down fast as the colours of the moment fade too black taking with it the blue too.

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Nice thanks.

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Nice pic (and cool variations, the colors really pops near the end)

Yes it really did have a big colour change at the end. Thanks for having a look voting and commenting. !LUV

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