Splinterlands Strategies: Conqueror Jacek & The Death of Mass Botting?

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Conqueror Jacek; my initial thoughts were.., 'it looks a little weak'. First impressions are often incorrect.

I mean two speed is major, and I have come to realise that speed kills in Splinterlands. Scattershot I have an affinity for and have a particular liking for Acid Shooter.


Two mana slots are great fillers and Acid Shooter hits for his casting cost as well as adding poison at max level.

It was the piercing that was making me limp and making me think ‘Qid Yuff'. Is Qid Duff (misprint) so bad?

Loss vs Duff.JPG

Earlier today I was beaten soundly by a Fire team that I saw coming. @vicmar1's playing history was static, with Qid being played in the last 5 matches.

Once again I am pulling @dismayedworld out of the mire due to the terrible rent yield at this current time. Next week I may get bored and relent.

I generally do quite well when playing manually and the Qid Yuff team took me by surprise. Maybe I should give piercing more respect.


…'Qid Yuff is cheap for an OOP Summoner, with Vera Salacia deservedly being the weakest Dice offering and cheapest'…

Can we compare Conqueror Jacek with Byzantine Kitty?

No, is the direct answer. Two-speed is major and Jacek is going to be in demand, but the other abilities are not in line with True Shot and Tank Heal.

I will not be letting go of my prized cat anytime soon, even though she is not MAX’ed.


I expect Conqueror Jacek to be a highly desirable Summoner and I will be picking up a few sets when he arrives, but keep hold of your Yodin Zaku.


The Death of Mass BOTS?

One aspect I did notice when once again levelling @dismayedworld was the apparent lack of BOTS. The Splinterlands Team has done a cracking job of making mass botting non-profitable.

Just several weeks beforehand, I was renting sets of Chaos Legion splinters and neutrals daily switching between 4 accounts allowing the ECR to regenerate.

...'Ultimate Splinterlands BOT in action. It does work... sometimes.'...

Renting these was cheap, and I was making a decent return daily. The 'Ultimate Splinterlands BOT' was playing for me. I had to configure it and then hit the 'GO' button.

While I can still do this the 50% ECR psychological limit, and then 5 x losses of ECR now make this methodology unsustainable.

Combine the new splinter focuses such as ‘Healing’ and ‘Defend’ and my battles are gaining few RShares.

...' Focus quests such as this have screwed botting to some extent. Unless your account holds many cards from many splinters. It's all about ownership now'...

Like many others, I was taking advantage of the situation, and feel it's another hole that has been successfully plugged.

The one change Splinterlands has made which I disagree with is the 2-day enforced renting. For a company that loves decentralisation, I feel it's a step too far and dictating.

The BOT services have not been coping well with the frequent changes. I hear from @bozz that the ‘Idle Earning Service’ is up and down.

...'the Idle Earning Service runs on Telegram and used to be reliable. I am not sure about current times, as I haven't used it in months'...

'Ultimate Splinterlands BOT' (above) is a free service and is currently not in good shape. I have lost my patience with it recently, recording loss after loss due to a recurring bug.

‘ArchMage’, the BOT that has been attempting to make botting credible I have yet to try, but have had mixed messages about it from other people.


I don't personally have a problem with any of these services. If you want to automate your own playing then why not but I won't give out details on how to use or access them.

...If you have half a brain, it wont be taxing...

They are still a little Taboo, so do your own research.

The indirect mass removal of BOTS has come at a cost. There are fewer ‘players’, but those players appear to be real.


Enminers appear to have thrown in the bucket. Take a look for yourself. Nothing is being delegated from their master account, and many cards are listed for sale.

If the rest of the world sees Splinterlands as a ‘mostly human played’ game, that can only be positive and conducive to attracting new players.

...'13K DEC a day is dismal. It used to be over 30K a day, and quite recently'...

Renting is down by over 50%, but still yields more DEC than playing.

A time may come when the choice to play or rent is arbitrary due to the negligible differences in return. I would welcome that time.


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Drooling Maniac.JPG

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Having been around the game so long I have continued to be used to the ups and downs of the economy when changes roll through. The good thing is that the deliverables from the team are becoming more frequent so growth should continue and that will bring more deman eventually; maybe from more humans which could add more sustainability. I chose to play because I enjoy it but once lands comes it may be a tough decision to make!

Who knows what land with do, likely turn it upside-down again. I guess like me, you have a decent stash of claims.

Which reminds me once again to check my rentals! No doubt they are all sitting forlornly unrented!

As you don't play, you may as well get them working for you. Passive income is king.

It totally is. I should set a reminder somewhere to check em now and then

Pretty solid card and from what I hear the next ones are only going to keep getting better!

and from what I hear the next ones are only going to keep getting better!

It's all a little unknown. Those Untamed Summoners are kings now, I can't see anything bettering them in the future.

True, I slacked a bit on the untamed but it's been a while since I looked at prices on those they might be down at the moment and worth grabbing up!

Defo, I just keep forgetting to change my rentals!

I notice the absence of mass bots too. Battles take longer now to find an opponent. Not super long but noticeably several seconds and not instant like before (in high silver one anyways).

Battles take longer now to find an opponent.

I can't say I have noticed, but haven't been looking for the extra delay.

Splinterrents works good? I use Splex for it.

Fee is 5%?

It's 5% and I leave it to do the good stuff. Works well for me.

splex is 10%. Maybe I look into it in rentals go up again. now is not worth the work :D Because I think they will both work similarly.

The bots are still here. In fact, the # of battles has risen considerably to back to the level prior to the ECR burn rate acceleration. One extremely large bot farm with multiple seller accounts still engages in win trading. Your anecdotal experiences are not reflective of the realities.

It is personal experiences and seeing what has happened to @enminers. This was the once dominant force back in early 2019 when it emerged.

This is interesting...


I have noticed these accounts mentioned above selling all the reward cards. Clearly more things are needed to plug the abuse. I only try abusing to see if I can do it. I have a huge stake in this game and want it to succeed.

There needs to be something done to curb the abuse, but also things need to be done to bring people to the ecosystem. My vision for the ecosystem is VERY DIFFERENT from what others see. I'd love to see more corporate marketing partnerships to take advantage of the attention economy, if you saw my article on Land possibilities - it's quite obvious where I think this needs to go. To accomplish this, we need to get the bots out and get more people in. You didn't invest into "Bot Wars". This is not supposed to be Proof of Work with extra steps.

It would be disingenuous to claim the number of active users is what it is and I hope that it is not presented as such. The good news is that it is all on the Hive Blockchain and an audit can be done to get a better approximation of active users.

I'm in the same boat. Just went from 30k+ dec to about 10k. I could be doing a bit better but I haven't even bothered to lower my prices and try to catch the market. Everything jumps around too much.

THe problem as I see it is that the amount of inventory on the rental market has recently soared higher with the increasing popularity of rental bots.

We are currently sitting at 1.8 million daily rentals which would have been exciting just a few seasons ago but it pales in comparison to what we briefly saw last season when we broke all time records by cracking 3 million.

Not sure what's happening next but we really need a boost in players of the bot or human variety.

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The cheap rentals may bring more people, but renting is not exactly straight-forward to newbies. Use PeakMonsters, click this, click that.. I am very familiar with it all, but it's daunting to a new person.

Things change so quick in the Splinterlands world, I never know what's coming next.

where can we use rental bots?

there's a few of them but the big one is splex.gg

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thanks I'll check it out!

Just a thought and wondering about your opinion. Would it be better for Splinterlands to make a "legal" botting system? What I mean by that is you rent out this Splinterlands bot but the repercussions may be something in the like of you get -20% reduced everything when winning.

I said this because in parts of the world, when they weren't able to contain gambling, and people demanded it, they allowed operation of Casinos and online betting to an extent. Casinos are still gambling areas and while Gambling is technically illegal, playing in a Casino is technically legal.

So, why not do a Splinterlands "legal" bot by the Splinterlands team?

Would it be better for Splinterlands to make a "legal" botting system?

It's already 'legal'. They have said many times, they won't interfere with automated playing. What they are trying to crack down on is, mass botting and abuse.

I know of three bots, there are probably more out there.

Great Post!


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Bots were good for an easy win, but terrible for the long term mass adoption of the game. Cheers!