Splinterlands Art Contest Week 225: Liza Fox

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liza fox.png

Here is my entry for this week's Splinterlands Art Contest found HERE

Experimenting with a different technique in Clip Studio Paint. Rendered the entire drawing in grayscale first as if it were a pencil drawing. Then colored the individual sections of it using Gradient Map layers. This would be a great technique for someone who is a good pencil artist, which is not really my strength.

From the Splinterlands Wiki:

The human highlanders of Khymeria rarely make the trip to Shimmer City for supplies, as they never receive a warm welcome by the Order of the Silver Shield. It is therefore difficult to say how a young lady of the archers has found her way into the ranks of the Moxian Gladiator camp. Even more strange is the fact that Liza Fox fights not for the Life Splinter, but Death, hailing from Beluroc and renouncing her Khymian heritage completely.

Liza is no pushover. She learned to defend herself at a very young age, when she was constantly bullied by the other children in her clan for a severe speech impediment. When she could not take anymore, Liza lashed out at her bullies with all the fury of a grown warrior, even throwing one of the boys from the cliffs to the jagged rocks far below. They did not mock her anymore after that, and once she had gotten a taste for battle, she could not be without it. Liza has been a fighter ever since. She was never the most accurate or strong of the Highland archers, but she could draw a bowstring and loose arrows faster than anyone else in the land. Since moving to Beluroc, Liza Fox has learned many impressive skills of close-range combat, always fighting with a dagger in one hand and a long spear in the other, which she can throw with deadly accuracy.

Drawn in Clip Studio Paint Pro on a Surface Pro 4. Here is the timelapse video:


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Thanks for sharing! - castleberry#6859

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Looks nice and that is an interesting technique (using gray scales). I will probably try it out. Hvae a great success with the contests!

I think it's a good technique for people that spent a lot of time doing their shading with pencils. I haven't done that since art school I think, since I've mostly done comics-style drawing, with an ink outline and color fills with cell-shading...