Splinterlands drinks final animation and extra renders for you!

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Hello, I finally had the time to do all the necessary to publish this post! First thing first, the final animation of the 3D Splinterlands drinks:

Video version

Animated gif version (smaller)

I also made the render of each can

You can use them in your posts, just remember to direct to this post at the end when you use them so more people can have all the designs:

phantom soldier.pngzaku.pngcornealus.png

Telegram Sticker pack

Finally, with these designs I created a new sticker pack, which is intended to contain 3D objects with Splinterlands theme.
Install here: https://t.me/addstickers/Splinterlands3DbyFabiYamada



The entire process of making this cans can be found here:

Important modeling steps

First of all I made Alric's design:


Then, in Blender, started with a very simple cylinder:

After checking can references I made some adjustments on top to make it look more like a can:


After adjusting the bottom too, I worked on the Image texture to add the Alric design:


Then I added a surface as a "floor":


After that, I duplicated the Alric can to make a Yodin Zaku one:


Then I edited the floor plane to add a wall behind the cans:


Then I added two more cans to make Chanseus and Lord Arianthus, also worked with the lighting to make a nice scene:


For the animation I used the physics of Blender, by making the objects into "rigid bodies"


I hope you like this short animation, don't forget to leave in the comments which object could have a very cool Splinterlands design.

And remember you can use this animation or the renders for free!

See you later!

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I love it a lot

Thanks! 🐔💢

WOW te quedó genial!!! de colección. <3 <3 <3

Creo que estos diseños se verían increíbles en cuadernos y libretas ademas de mochilas para niños. ;)

Gracias!!! Me la pones difícil pero intentaré hacer un cuaderno más adelante, suena tentador!

hahahahaha esa no fue mi idea, solo quería admirar tu trabajo... pero si lo haces estaré pendiente para verlo. ;)

Saludos!!! <3 <3 <3