How to make Wallmate with paper

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I hope you are all very well.
Today I made a wallmate that is made of paper. I made it from my own ideas.
Now I will share with you how I made it.


Wallmate making materials:

  • Colour Paper
  • White Paper
  • Glitter Paper
  • Hard Paper
  • Colour Pen
  • Match
  • Fevicol glue
  • Stone
  • Scissors

Wallmate making process:

First I glued the hard paper with coloured paper.


Then I cut the glitter paper into rounds with the help of scissors and glued it. I glued the stones around this round glitter paper.


Then I glued the matchsticks.


After attaching the matchsticks, I cut the paper of my choice and made flowers to decorate.



I glued them and painted them with a colour pen.


Finally It is done.



It's easy to make. You can make it too.

Thanks for viewing my blog.
Hope you enjoyed it. I will come again with a new post. Untill then, everyone will be fine.



Wow onek sundor hoyeche apu.
Tumi to valo valo kaj paro dekha jacche.

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Thank you so much vabi.
Cheshta kortesi akhn.. Dua rekho.


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