North Shore Images : Palaside Head

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Keeping up with a hike a day, yesterday's hike was a trip to a local geographical rock formation called Palaside Head. It's a well-known spot for the locals and features some amazing views of Lake Superior.


This area is an outcrop from the ancient Sawtooth Mountains. The hill is 300 feet above Lake Superior, and there are no guard rails or fences to prevent one from walking over the edge. It's actually quite perilous.



As is most of this area, this part of the world a billion years ago was a hot mess of volcanic activity and lava flows. The result of all of that activity, today, is the leftover rock called rhyolite. It's barren, jagged, old, and rough on the shoes. You can feel it in your legs when you scramble around the area...very old and very solid.





I mean, in today's world of asphalt, lawns, cement, and sidewalks, how fortunate is it to stand on something directly some 1.1 billion years old? Things like this put one in their least for me, anyway. There is a sense of profoundness in an area like this. It's almost as if you are directly in contact with the Earth and the Earth's energy in a place like this.


It's an amazing place, and another one I would strongly suggest you visit if you ever get to this area. Just be sure to watch where you step. There is a vastness to Superior that almost draws you to her...



Another beautiful spot visited; off to another hike now. Thanks again for stopping by and taking a glance. My family on the West Coast likes to remind me that this area is called flyover country. That's too bad, as a lot of people would never have a chance to experience an area as absolutely gorgeous as this from a plane above.


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Thanks so much! I'm happy others appreciate the area - it's a fantastic place

Looks amazing, is the water warm enough to swim in this time of year up there?

Definitely in some of the more shallow spots. Its still pretty cold for the most part, but it feels great on my feet after the hikes

We always try and swim in Zion Illinois on Lake Michigan, it is always cold there because its so deep. Just last month or so I swam in the south shore of Superior and it was pretty cold but not quite as cold as lake Michigan.

Nice, I think the only time we swam in Michigan was when we visited my FIL in St. Joeseph. It wasn't much fun, as there were a ton of people on the beach.

I am definitely looking forward to checking out the UP next year

I think the zion beach we go to is way too cold for many people to swim there, part of why we put up with the cold water lol.

It's been awesome up here this week...the parks haven't been too busy, and the solo hikes I've been doing during nap time...I think I've only seen 4 people all week. Last year up here during COVID it was a madhouse - not sure where everyone is this summer, lol

They probably went to all the mainstream tourist traps this year instead.