The amazing blooms of Silverrod

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Asphodelus ramosus flowers 11.jpg

I have been wanting to photograph this gorgeous weed for a very long time! But there was always something wrong. Either way I was too early and there was no flowers yet. Or too late and it was all faded already. Too far and I could wave to them from a car or I had no camera with me so I could just admire them myself.

Finally got it right!
It was hot, it was dusty and it was worth it :)

Asphodelus ramosus

Asphodelus ramosus flowers 6.jpg

There is a few types of Asphodelus around. Some are very small that look like chives with thin flower stems. I liked them so much that I collected some seeds in the wild and grew them in a pot for a couple of years. They spread like crazy (weed it is) and every year I had to pick some young plants from other pots around. Each stem produces hundreds of seeds and with the wind they just throw them all around.

Asphodelus ramosus flowers 1.jpgAsphodelus ramosus flowers 2.jpg

This is a lager type. A much larger type! The flower stems are taller than me and the leaves resemble Iris leaves. Thick and wide grow to a nice, lush bush.

You can also find it under few common names: Silverrod, Branched Asphodel or Small-fruited Asphodel and it will grow in the warmer parts of southern Europe (Mediterranean ), northern Africa, and the Middle East.

Asphodelus ramosus flowers 3.jpgAsphodelus ramosus flowers 4.jpg

As I mentioned this one grows pretty big and in uncultivated areas it can be also pretty invasive (I think they all are seeing what they could do in a pot).
They will start to grow as early in the year as January and I very often see them poking from the soil and was wandering what it was. Around February-March the flower stems will start to show from the center of the plant.

Asphodelus ramosus flowers 7.jpg

Asphodelus ramosus flowers 8.jpg

Blooding time starts in march and last until the end of May or start of June. The photos I took in mid May and the you can see the the flowers opening almost at the very tips, while lower on the stem seed pods already formed. They have been blooming for a while already and are about to end the season.

The flowers are absolutely adorable. Hundreds of them packed on long stems and each has these thin, brown stripes and long stamens. Beautiful things!

Asphodelus ramosus flowers 11.jpg

Asphodelus ramosus flowers 12.jpg

During the hot months the plant will die back completely. The tubers that stay seep underground will survive though and store enough water and nutrient for the plant to wait for month for the next spring.
It also helps the plant to survive the fire season where large area of woods and lawns are burned to the ground. Even if the leaves are gone, the roots will be fine.

Asphodelus ramosus flowers 5.jpgAsphodelus ramosus flowers 14.jpg

Each of these little fruits holds dozens of tiny, black seeds. After they mature they will crack open on the sun and spread the seeds. Some will get lucky and will manage to germinate in spring.

Asphodelus ramosus flowers 10.jpgAsphodelus ramosus flowers 13.jpg

You can see how tall they are. They rise above all the Gorse bush that grows all around.

Asphodelus ramosus flowers 9.jpg

Shot with Nikon D5500 + Sigma 105mm lens
All photos and text are my own.

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hi @ewkaw :)

it's cool that you were able to find the right and sweet time for this series about this plant ! It was honestly worth the dust and the heat, although I guess it was a good time too ^^.. It's true that this plant is gorgeous and I'm totally sure I've never come across this variety before ! hence the idea of collecting the seeds when you get the chance :) I guess you must have quite a seed collection!

Do you have some on your balcony at the moment too ?

Beautiful and very aerial shoots !

It was a cool walk. The place is just wild and almost no people.
I didn't have this one. It is just too big, but if one day I have a garden I will I have some weeds like that growing.
No, I don't have any right now. I had to get rid of them as they were spreading uncontrollably and I still get to see them in the wild anyway.

Thank you :)

Interesting onject for photography and nice information. Thanks for sharing my friend.

Thank you :)

Waw foto bunga yang kamu fotokan sangat indah. Di tempat saya bunga seperti ini saya belum pernah melihat

I doubt they grow in your part of the world.

Yes that's right. Different place so he doesn't grow

These flowers look very beautiful in macro mode

Thank you :)

These are such beautiful and intricate flowers, beautifully shot! Thank for sharing with us.

Thanks a lot :)

how are you dear friend @ewkaw good afternoon
How great that you have finally been able to photograph this beautiful wild plant, its flowers are very beautiful, I love nature, it does beautiful things
have a beautiful afternoon

I am glad too :) Now I have to wait a year to see them again.

What beauty in these flowers! They certainly stand out in the middle of that landscape. The most attractive thing for me is to see that leafless spike full of flowers. 😍

They are cool and you can see them from a distance. Such cool view!

A beautiful landscape 😍😍😍😍 I love your publications there is a lot of passion for nature. I recently created the community Vida Verde I invite you to get to know it and be part of it 🌿

The flowers themselves are small, and the stamens are large. Funny.

Yea :) Plus it is really tall!

Even though they are just weeds but when friends catch such a beautiful picture they look like a very beautiful flower

They are nice :)

That's so beautiful! 😯
🥦 !love 🥦

They are, aren't they? :)