Fields of quacking grass

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Briza maxima 7.jpg

I often mention that some wild grasses are just as pretty as the fancy ones cultivated and sold in garden centers.
This is one of my two favorite ones (the other one is fluffy like a bunny tail) that grows around.

Briza maxima

Briza maxima 8.jpg

Briza maxima is a species of the grass genus Briza. It is native to Northern Africa, the Azores, Western Asia, and Southern Europe and is cultivated or naturalised in the British Isles, Australasia, the western United States, Central and South America, and Hawaii.

Around here it will grow everywhere where it can. In spring fields of tall stems cover any part of lawn that was now moved on time. They are long and skinny and dance on the wind. You can see how thin the part that holds the little heads is.

They will grow till around 50 cm. The flower is about 1 cm and if you touch it, it feels dry and empty, even when fresh and green.

Briza maxima 9.jpgBriza maxima 2.jpg

Briza maxima 6.jpg

It doesn't seem to be picky about the soil or conditions (like most weeds and grasses I guess). The one you see here is growing in a hot, open area with very sandy soil.

In spring when everything starts to grow and the ground is wet from winter rains it starts to grow and bloom. It will finish by July when the temperatures are too high and there is no more rain. The plant will die, but the long stems with the little rattles on them will stay and keep swinging on the wind for a little longer.

It is great to use in dry flower bouquets if you are into it.

Briza maxima 3.jpgBriza maxima 4.jpg

With time, more hot sun, wind and then rain they will all break and disappear leaving hundreds of tiny seeds to start the cycle all over next spring.

Briza maxima 1.jpg

In my imaginary big garden full of pretty wildflowers and bees, this one would have a spot too.

Briza maxima 5.jpg

Shot with Nikon D5500 + Sigma 105mm lens
All photos and text are my own.

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but why "quacking" ?!

all I could think of:

Beautiful herbs. You are right when you say that these can be equal to or more beautiful than those grown or purchased.

Yeaa, I really like this one.
Thanks for stopping by :)

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Wonderful photos of these beautiful little wild grasses @ewkaw!
I seen these same wild grasses in California years ago, we called them
rattle snake grass, cause they looked like the rattle on a rattle snake
and even sounded somewhat like them when shaking in the wind! :-)

Oh yes! That sound is like little rattle.
One little grass took over the world :D

Stunning weed flower photography. The stems are too small to bear the weight of the flowers, but I guess that's part of this grass plant, see. she looks beautiful because the flowers are like falling down. The perfect shot. salute

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Hello @ewkaw!

nice macros and description!
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