A Long Road To A Bloom

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It’s Been 76 Days ..

76 days have passed since I brought our Amaryllis up from the basement and prepared it for the growing season. 76 days and we still don’t have a bloom. The prior year our amaryllis bloomed in less than 30 days. I’m getting tired of waiting so I’ve decided that I am going to throw this plant out with next weeks garbage!

Just Kidding

Don’t worry I’m keeping our Amaryllis and will continue to care for it until she is ready to bloom. whenever that will be???

The Progress..

I’ve been taking some progression shots over the last 76 days, thinking that I would use them in a post. I just figured that this post would have been a lot sooner than today. And, unfortunately I do not have any Bloom photos to show you because I haven’t seen her develop any buds at this point. When she does, and I am sure she will, I will share those with you. For now I do have these following progression shots.

Starting With Day One ..











A couple of weeks ago I did move the plant further away from our sliding glass door and a floor vent. I thought maybe this floor that had something to do with her delayed growth. The floor vent was blowing air directly upon the pot which may have affected the temperature surrounding it. It has seemed to help the leaves sort of fan out since I have moved it.

Time Time Time..

I continue to wait. Time will tell if a bloom will ever come. Until then we must wait. And wait is what we will do.

how about you? Are you waiting for something? I feel like we are all waiting for something. Hehehe.

Molly is here waiting for a cookie.

“The weight is always worth the reward.” 100% NOT Molly‘s philosophy in life.


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I'm glad she's at least getting there, although considering it's more than twice the length of time of last season, there must be something that she doesn't like. I've had a few Amaryllis and they have always been so worth the wait.

Molly is so cute. I hope she gets and extra biscuit today.

It's getting colder here now so I'm lapping up the last little bit of autumn...I know that in just a few weeks I'm going to be eagerly anticipating the winter solstice so that I know spring will be on the horizon.

Have a good weekend.

Our summer is approaching while you prepare for winter. Good for me and bad for you I guess.. Unless it was a long hot summer and you are ready for the coolness.

Molly got a nice cookie/biscuit for being so cute and lovely. We have a bad habit of spoiling her rotten. lol.

I am sure she will bloom.. question is when? hehe. That's fine.. I'll take the pretty red blooms when she's ready to adorn us with them. 😁

It's looking good. But I heard they normally bloom with 3 months. That's from when you planted it as a bulb. I supposed it also depends in the climate !

Yeah the climate or micro climate has a lot to do with it I am sure. It's just a matter of time I suppose. Maybe in the next month we will have a flower blooming. I'm still excited and hopeful. 😁

Your Day 1 picture is how all of my houseplants end up. Always. It's like Day Forever: Dead.

You've got some good growth going on. Hopefully blooms happen soon!

Hahahahahaha 🤣 I love your comparison!!! It's going to bloom.. I just know it!😟

That’s a long time for her to flower. It could have well been the floor vent.
You will see what happens next… hope she blooms 🌸🌸🌸
Great progress photos until now 😁

We shall see. My mom told me that they also like small tight pots and that the pot may be oversized. I'll try repotting it next year when I prep her for the growing season.

Yes, sounds like a plan for the next season. As long as she is alive and happy… maybe she just skips a bloom and comes back even bigger the next time 🥰

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