'Esie Adventures' Contest 2- πŸŽƒ Halloween Party πŸŽƒ

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Our Esie likes adventures

Halloween is coming and our Esie can't miss it! It is her first Halloween... and she is super excited! What do you think is in store for Esie this Halloween? Or what are her plans?

Write your story! Share it with us!


  • Write a story about Esie
    It can be any genre (ex, fiction, comics, fairytale, etc)
  • The story should be at least 100 words
  • No plagiarism!
  • One person one entry
  • Use the hashtag #esieadventures
  • Share the link to that post in your entry story
  • Leave in the comments under that post the link with your entry

❗❗❗ DEADLINE: October 31st ❗❗❗


TOP 3 works: 1,000 Ecency Points each
Honorable mentions: 150 Ecency Points

Can't wait to read your stories! ☺️

Oops, almost forgot to remind you that we are giving 20 Ecency points per each story about Esie :)


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I will mention previous participants in case they would like to join the contest again :)
@oleg326756, @germanandradeg, @tagmout, @nangel01, @ubani, @rosmiapure, @buezor, @arzkyu97, @nbarrios67, @wrestlingdesires, @xuwi, @joseal2020

I have never celebrated Halloween , I will try to write story about it.

You have something in common with Esie :)
Can't wait to read your story!

Thanks so much, I'm definitely interested πŸ’™πŸ™ŒπŸ’™

Muchas gracias por la menciΓ³n, verΓ© que historia se me ocurre en esta ocasiΓ³n .

O, great! a second part of my story with Esie is coming.



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More Esie Adventures! This will be fun.

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Thanks for the support, let's have fun on Halloween @ecency-star


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Let's have fun on Halloween

It's fun all the way. Thanks for your time.

Hola. A poner mis neuronas a trabajar!

Thanks so much, here's my entry πŸ’™

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And I thank you πŸ’™

Thanks for the opportunity. Here is the link to my post

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Here is my entry @ecency-star, I didn't even know about either the first contest nor this one.
Thank you @brittandjosie for the heads up

Gonna see her adventure now, as her name giver you had to enter hahahah