[LOH#101]|| A friend who has inspired me on Hive

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Happy New week

Welcome to my blog.
Glad to see you read my blog
It's a new week and the #101 weekly prompt of the @ladiesofhive.

This week's topics are excellent. All thanks to @tibaire for providing these amazing subjects.

On @hive, I have met many female friends that have inspired me with life and given their various thoughts on their post that has helped me even in life outside hive.
The weekly prompt is not only for rewards but learning which I have truly learned a lot.
The @ladiesofhive community friends are so supportive that I can even count more than one friend here.


But one woman who has tremendously inspired me is @kerrislravenhill when she published the post about her hive experience .
The article was definitely encouraging to me. When she began hive and crypto in 2017 things were not as large as today but with persistence, she is holding the senior coins now.
I really learnt from her to work hard when she started hive she barely had $0.03 upvote, but then she didn't give up .

I can recall the day she commented on my post when I entered the LOH#98 that was to offer a collage of our luxury house.
She commented on my post that one day I would be a hive whale and build my own luxurious mansion. It sounded funny with 165hp, I was wondering how probable it was.

But I meditated on her comments and believe I can achieve it.
It might take years but am absolutely going to invest in cryptocurrencies and purchase my home that's my desire.
If she can develop her account like that I feel I can achieve it also.

Dear Sister, @kerrislravenhill am your hidden admirer and friend. This week's theme has provided me with a chance to write about how motivating you are to me.
Keep striving you have quietly been my inspiration here on hive.

I'm sure when eventually I become a whale, grip the big boy's dollars and construct my luxury mansion, I won't miss your name out from my success story.

I would love to invite @lormez16 @capitanabeach to join this contest. You can know more about it here

Thank you for reading 💜


There are really a lot of inspiring people here on Hive. People that will contribute too to your growth coz they are part of you journey and they are one of the reason that we're striving hard. This is sweet 🥰

Yeah you're right
In life there must be someone attached to you and there's someone you look up too as you grow

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When people shared their own experience, how the started and were they are today, it always build one boldness to keep pursuing his or her big dream without giving up. Thanks for sharing.

Her story and experience really inspired me

Nothing is impossible sis if you really want to make it happen. I want it to happen to me too. I need guidance and yo copy others that are there already.

I pray we all get there
We love good things and since people are already there, we believe we will get there too
Have a Lovely Day 💜

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I am glad that you are truly inspired!
@kerrislravenhill likewise inspires me.
!LADY 😍🌺🤙

Wow that's nice
So glad she does too💜

I've known her for many years now... yes, she inspires me.

You too inspires alot of people including me. Hope you know that @silversaver888 ?
We were asked to mention just one woman but as much as i know you too😋💜

One woman inspiring another. One day you will be a whale and with your persistence you will inspire other women.


I really wish so
Thank you for your kind words ma and encouragement
I sincerely appreciate

You chose the right lady.. I'm a fan of @kerrislravenhill too.. Have you seen her video with the pirates? That was awesome.. And guess what? She's good at using sword hehe.. I admire ladies who have combating skills.. I like watching action movies too in which the main character is a lady.. Those fighting scenes are amazing for a lady..


She's a strong lady indeed
Her story tells it all

I'm honored, Hive is much a team and community effort, hence I am a product of those qualities I admire from those that set an example. I think of the many Hive bloggers over the years supporting me at times when I felt that the effort was not worth it. Regrettably, some friends are no longer with me but those that remain says it speaks about my perseverance. Even as I am constantly challenged by my personal writing issues I do the best I can under my circumstances. What I can't do in volume, I can always make up in quality, creativity and perseverance. And a little luck.

If we grow together, and emulate the best qualities of each other, it would to the benefit of not only our own growth but also our community to succeed. Hence, I am in full agreement to our #LOH mission statement.

I'd love to see all of us as #ladiesofhive Orcas and Whales one day.
Think big @graciousvic

Wow that you for taking it upon yourself to see others grow.
Your impact says alot and I really appreciate.
I know i can do it too☺️

Funny enough you have inspired many people too. Their comment on my post made me know so.
So now you know don't ever give up because many i and many others look up to you💜

I love this post 💖 I can already visualize the post where you share that you have bought your luxury home and a welcome party with the sisters! 💃

I really pray so
In short i will be the most happiest person on earth 😂

You have to be first in the present moment the most happiest person on earth ;)

😂😂😂😂 yes i am

Awwww we all have everyone we admire and we pray to get to the top we wish to😁

Exactly ☺️

I love to read experiences like yours. There are many people who can inspire us at a given moment, and sometimes for details that do not seem important and that these people may not even think that their life, their way of being or communicating can serve as inspiration and motivation.

Thank you for the invitation to this week's contest.

That's why we need not to give up
Cus Maybe secretly we are inspiration to people

Awwn, this is really sweet. It's nice to here that she inspires you to succeed on the platform... I'm sure that with time, patience and hardwork, you'll achieve your goals and become a bigger whale!

Thank you ma
I sincerely appreciate 💜