"I'm Not Crying -- You Are!"

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Having a "hands-on" experience cooking with onions in the kitchen!


Cut me, slice me, dice me, hurt me.

I won't cry.

You will!


Groovy Onion Kaleidoscope


Iridescent Neon Onion


Below is the original content photograph of mine I used for all the above edits.


And lastly, just another Covid-19 quarantined red onion in desperate need of manscaping and a haircut when the barber shops reopen.

"Harry Krishna"

This is my contribution to the Onion As Art Contest hosted by the awesome @kus-knee. Learn more here

Also tagging the wonderful @diyhub who works hard to find creative talent all over HIVE.

I hope everyone is staying safe and keeping healthy while continuing to practice social distancing during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The good news is that self isolating is helping to flatten the curve as businesses are starting to re-open with guidelines!

Images taken with my Samsung Galaxy S8 Note smartphone. Edits done using Prismart.

© 2020 Nina Haskin. All rights reserved


Thank you for taking time to stop by and visit my blog. I truly appreciate everyone's continued support! Stay safe & keep healthy!

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@steemitbloggers @thealliance @steemusa @qurator




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Those edits look amazing so much you can do with onions but you have gone to the extreme good luck in that competition 👍

What an awesome comment to read!
Thank you so much for the compliment and support! Nice to meet you! @kohsamui99

Your most welcome @ninahaskin and nice to meet you , i will have to give this contest a miss i don't want to be seen crying 😆

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Challenge accepted! @hivebuzz💯😀👍

Looking forward to see you reach the next goal @ninahaskin!
lizanomadsoul from hivebuzz team

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 7 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

Thank you very much for the reblog & beer! @pixresteemer🍺💯🍺

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This time, I start loving Onion ..not like when it make cry all the time.😀

Haha! 😂😂😂
Thanks, my friend! @steemflow

All the best for the contest 👍

The onions always makes me cry, but seeing this type of posts the onions makes me laugh. Great photos.

Haha! No tears from crying here unless they are from "laugh-tear!"😀

Thanks for stopping by! @codingdefined

Wow! that is a beautiful onion! Loved the effects you used.