Why are trees an ideal source of renewable energy?

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Trees are the most important biomass found on our planet, as it is renewable, however it is still a controversial exploitation, how many do not think that its exploitation is bad for the environment, but it is necessary to take into account that if we propose we can make the woody biomass of trees a natural resource that can be sustained over time, for this there must be a correct and very attached management to ensure the viability of the project.

Let's talk about the management of this resource before knowing its benefits as woody biomass, the first thing is to be able to change the vision, since in any locality this can be seen as people who simply cut down trees and destroy the ecosystem and contribute to global warming and climate change, however they do not see the management aspect.

Suppose we should not think of trees as that source of biomass that can generate clean energy, then what other source of biomass can we think of?

I am not going to name any particular form of biomass, however, generalizing a little and setting aside the biomass of trees, it can be said that there are some forms of biomass that consume many nutrients, so we would have to work hard on their fertilization, raising costs, and not only that but this whole process could involve a high consumption of fossil fuels to produce fertilizer and a greater risk of soil depletion, so that perhaps the remedy is worse than the disease.

On the other hand, trees accumulate biomass during their formative years, so if we consider a tree in 10 years of life, it could accumulate 8 dry tons of biomass, the important thing about this is not the amount of biomass obtained by the trees but the yield obtained without having to worry about the environmental impact of fertilization in the consumption of other biomass that may have more quantity but at a price in the higher consumption of fertilizers.

All well and good up to this point, but perhaps many of you are still wondering: What about the management of the biomass obtained from trees, is it viable in terms of environmental preservation?

It is necessary that we evaluate all our environmental surroundings and draw conclusions of the pros and cons of all the alternatives other than those of fossil origin as far as energy generation is concerned, that is why we can say that trees can become a source of renewable energy as long as they are managed correctly, This management will depend on changing the vision that trees are only to release oxygen and trap CO2 from the atmosphere, which although it is true that it does, it is also true that it can serve as a source of fuel through biomass and can also reduce carbon emissions when compared to other energy sources.

In this management it should be included that thanks to the fact that trees can fulfill an important function of recycling nutrients from the subsoil to the top layer of soil, we can then keep track that the trees that are cut down can be replanted without using fertilizers, however in this management this system should not be confused with using trees that are originally from rainforests or old-growth forests.

It is important to keep in mind that these are proposals that still require a pertinent study and evaluation, since history has shown that any renewable energy source that we seek has always had a negative environmental impact, what we want however is to be as sustainable as possible by seeking alternatives in energy generation.