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RE: Lilac Water: The perfect beverage for Spring + medicinal properties, mythology, legends and superstitions about lilac flowers

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I love lilacs and have the traditional light purple and a white one. Right now my whole yard smells of lilac, with small notes of lily of the valley. I used these 2 for my wedding bouquet in 1987. Loved all the facts about lilacs. :))


Aww how lovely, and I'm glad you found it interesting :) Yes the scent is really something, so intoxicating and lovely. You're lucky to have shrubs, have they bloomed yet? give it a try :)

Yes, they are just starting to go by as there's wicked heat coming this weekend.

I made lilac jelly a few years back:

Ooooh I would love to try,sadly my time is gone til next year, they all withere already

The heat wiped all mine out in a day. :(( Next year....

Oh no, ours were roasted too, as I say it is super ephemeral