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RE: Lilac Water: The perfect beverage for Spring + medicinal properties, mythology, legends and superstitions about lilac flowers

in Natural Medicine3 months ago

Lilacs have been a very special flower in my life. They grew everywhere in spring and as kids we would pick them and take them to the teacher. This was back in the day haha.
After all these years I never knew that they were edible in any way. I just thought they were the pretty smelling flowers that came in spring. I see them now in a different light. I'm going to pick some and make lilac water. I'm excited.Thanks for the great post.


I'm also glad that they were present in such beautiful memories, it's curious about how we link smells to memories. :) Next time you find a bough of fresh lilacs give it a try. Blessings

Thanks. I know where to find them but I have to wait until dark haha. 😃

Oooh I just imagined you sneaking in some neighbours yard lol 🤣. Let me know if you like it. You can add a spoon of sugar too

Let me know if you like it 🎵 and you can make syrup and infuse honey. I was lucky to find them in perfect bloom