Jerusalem open air market - for the FILM photography community (series of images).

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I hope to go there again this or next week during pre-holiday or in-holiday days. These days as usual are full of activity in the market place.

These images i photographed on Ilford HP5 35mm ISO400 film. This film is my favorite. Very nice grainy feeling and strong contrasts as you can see in the images.

These strawberries are bright red:







I used this pocket camera :


Part of the film stock i have in my fridge :


Havy work that is waiting for my free time :

Rolls_film_Victor_Bezrukov (1 of 1).jpg

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Nice entry Victor

BTW what kind of scanner do you use?

thank you very much
right now I use Epson V800
it replaced the old V550
i can say that for some things the old one is definitely better

It is the more noticeable gritty, grainy textures of the film I like. A very distinctive look for film.

@tipu curate

you're so right Denise - exactly why I love using film :-)
huge thank you for tipping!

In this increasingly digital world, it's nice to find that there are still some romantic horsemen out there! Nice photos buddy

thank you for the warm words :-) i love to use an old school tools

Really cool photos! I especially like the guy with the headphones.

So that's just PART of your film stock? You have more? Now that makes me green of envy. :)

thank you !
yes, this part is an expired film and some different news.
i have another place with the fresh Ilford different packs in another part of the fridge. they just look much less cool :-))))

I love the Ilford 400 film, too; I've actually just finished developing some tonight!

I love the shadows you've got in these pictures. Really nicely done!

Thank you Victor.
I finished one yesterday.
it took longer than a month to finish all the 16 frames. :-)

What an interesting image in such an everyday setting. Congratulations and thanks for sharing your look through the lens ✨

thank you.
once i filmed a video of the only shadows nonstop walking - different people in different forms.

I'd love to watch it! Is it here around?