The song of the blackbird

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Happy week feathered friends.
It was 8 o'clock at night and it was still daylight, he perched on the roof antennas inflated his chest and opened his beak his voice sounded far away.
IMG_1336 redimensionado copia.jpg

The Blackbird sings, he has to be the best, his manhood is at stake.
IMG_1342 copia.jpg

It doesn't matter if we convert it to black and white he is elegant and proud
IMG_1338 copia3.jpg


Sing a good time, hardly breathe.
IMG_1340 copia.jpg

The singing time passed and he flew.
IMG_1343 copia.jpg

Happy week friends
IMG_1335 copy.jpg

IMG_13352 copy.jpg

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Great photos! I can almost hear him singing his song. Thanks for posting to Feathered Friends. !tip

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 12 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Hola, soy el blackbird: @txatxy, te voy a denunciar por paparazzi...Bonitas capturas. Feliz día

Cool photos! I have never seen a blackbird, although in theory they should live with us.

En Asturias se llama Ñarbatu.

Ooh..I love the song of blackbird ! We have a lot here in the cherry trees and they sing so loud ! 😍

Black birds are unique creatures. Their special black color differentiates them from other birds