A shout Out To Story Tellers and Dreamers - A New Contest Awaits You

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'Every picture tells a story' - tell us yours, we are waiting to hear them!

What a way to start this week and a new month too! I am excited, that is putting it mildly, I am super excited for the contest starting this week. I will be hosting this contest and the generous @melinda010100 will be providing the prizes. There will be 8 hives and 500 points for the taking!!! (all other details regarding rewards will be available in the contest post) Woohoo what a start to the contest. Who knows as this challenge gets underway we might find generous Hiveans/sponsors coming forward to encourage us some more.

I know so many of you here love to tell stories. Bring your best game to this challenge with your imagination and ability to tickle some funny bones. You don't have to struggle with just a single word prompt, we will provide an image that can ignite your imagination and help you tell the story.

Your story need not be long, keep it as long or as short as you like, just create a fascinating story from it. How is that for a start?

Your engagement with other story tellers participating in the challenge would be the key to winning the prizes.

This is a fun challenge so we want you to have fun with fellow Hiveans, story tellers and friends. How cool is that!

Our first edition of the 'Let our picture tell your story - Challenge' will be on air on Thursday the 6th of August, so watch out. Follow me to ensure that you don't miss the challenge.

Be as entertaining as possible, as creative as you care to be and as wildly imaginative as your mind will allow you.

We are not going to judge you on your grammar, but we would like your story to be understandable.

If you can come up with images you can draw, paint or digitally create along with your story we welcome your creativity.

However, this story should be only in the comment section of the challenge posts. Do notcreate a new post for this.

I eagerly await your participation. Please get the word out to your friends and foes alike.

Kindly wish me the very best. I have just been here on Hive only for the last three months (even though I signed up earlier) and I am still learning the ropes here. I'd love to have your support.

Forgive me for any mistakes that may occur initially ( I hope not) but please be here to encourage me.

Thank you for reading; without your support it may not be possible for me to grow as much as I have and be motivated to come every day and post here.

To everyone of my friends, readers, and supporters a huge thank you!!
Have a productive and enjoyable month!!


Thank you for the re-blog @penderis and @joanstewart. I appreciate this very much.

Politest most friendliest invitation ever goes to.....


LOL @dandays.. thanks for the trophy hehhe.. you crack me up each time with your responses.

This will be exciting!

I am sure it will be exciting and fun too. Thanks for the encouragement.

God luck in running this new venture, have fun and look forward to seeing entries @sofs-su 😂have a great day too....

Thank you so much, please join in and have fun with us.. We start On Thursday this week.
Have a lovely day yourself.

How are you dear friend @sofs-its good day I loved this initiative. It will undoubtedly be a success
I take this opportunity to wish you a splendid day. enjoy it a lot

@jlufer thank you for your kind words of encouragement and support. It means a lot to me .
Hope you have a lovely day yourself.

I can't wait for this to begin!

I can sense your excitement @melinds010100. I appreciate your faith in me.

I wish you all the best and know you are going to do great with this :D
I shall be watching this space alright 😄

@kaerpediem, thank you. Wishing and watching is not enough..hehehe . Please do come and grace us with your creative talent. It would be a honor to have you there .

I hear you <33

Thank you ♥️♥️♥️

Wow! Another contest? Okay. I think I'm in . God I pray I should be less busy so as to write something for this amazing contest.

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Its is just one creative comment, I am sure you'll find the time for it. Don't forget to check out my post on Thursday @teknon

Wish you the best of luck, I am eagerly waiting for the contest post; seems like much creative stuff would be attained. Hehe, I wish I could manage my time between exams 😁

Thanks @ayesha-malik, I noticed that you reblogged this post as well.
This is just a super short story in the comment section, so make some time to be part of this challenge. I am sure you'll enjoy this.
Best wishes for your exams.

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Thank you @ecency I appreciate the support,

This is going to be fun, I am sure. 😀

I agree, it is going to loads of fun. Thanks for the support. Have a lovely day.

I'm so excited for you @sofs-su. I didn't know you have only been on Hive the last three months. You seem so well Hive seasoned! Okay, so I totally, totally support you. Since Thursday is the start, I'll have a bit of time to brew up something (while I go for an outdoor meditation and photo session tomorrow). I love this idea! @moon-city, you've got to check this out!

Hmm.. I know many people think I've been here forever lol. I've been asked that so many times.
Hmm I am sure you'll bring in your best effort here. and lol do I look forward to your entry.. its going to be so much fun with you around @nineclaws
Yeah, @moon-city please do join the fun.

I thought the exact same thing as Nine 😂. I thought you had been here for a longer time. I am looking forward to this contest. Thank you for setting it up!

Hmm LOL Nope been here only for three months now, a few days more to complete three months actually. It's going to be so much fun having such great story tellers like you, @nineclaws and @dandays. Don't forget to check in tomorrow.

I feel about this big cuz I've yet to find time to investigate this contest. You are hosting it?

Is there a deadline? I know, I know.. I'm sure it's all listed somewhere but forgive me, comments is about all the time I have at the moment.

LOL Yip I will be hosting this every week in the feathered friends community, its called Let our picture tell your story. You just need to write a story about the image presented in the challenge in the comments and interact with the participants the way we do in guess the shadow LOL
I start tomorrow. You love to have you presence there .
Have I answered all the questions.


If it's not too much to ask could you please fire me another reminder tomorrow then? Thank you.

Okay consider it done. Thanks a ton.

@sofs-su, make sure to track your time as an assistant for billing purposes.

Can you do a royal wave too?

I pulled a thumb muscle. My waves are currently mediocre.

Second place waves then 🎀, instead of 🏆

I have my idea for what to write, it's all outlined in my head now. Meditation sure pays off 😁

You have it all planned out well I'd say 🤣

I had a little help from rocks and water. 😂

So its gushing water from the rocks!!

I can see why you've been asked so many times. I still can't believe it's such a short time period.

Soooo, I was meditating on the story and then it hit me, is there a word limit? I'm getting more wordy it seems, so before I spin my tale, I thought I'd check that first. 😂

Nope, absolutely none, have your say.
The wordier the better😂

🤣🤣🤣 I'll approach it in a balanced meditative flowy water way. 😂

I love the sound of that.

Hahaha, I'm already trying for poetic

Interesting, can't wait to read it.

Nine hope you enjoy your meditation and photo session! Thank you for tagging me. This is a very interesting contest.

I did indeed, thank you! It also gave me the idea for what to write 😂 You're welcome, I thought this something you'd like and also fits with you.

Excellent Nine! We have some practice from the shadow contests lolllll.

We do, LOL!

I'm wondering where @dandays is, since he's so good at spinning words 😉

Yeah , he has been away for a long time now, I hope everything is okay with him. Yeah he will spice things up and the challenge it is going to be super fun with both of you. Please do join in @dandays

@nineclaws. You ladies are too kind. Thank you. I shouldn't be like 🥶 when I see the shadow guesses nowadays? I can remember that competition and people would guess what the shadow is. I mean authentic, true guesses. Like actually guessing what they really thought it was. And then I found the competition.

You don't think it's too much? When I stop by there now I'm like two of these: 🥶🥶

Nah, it is fun when you around. The more the merrier. Now you have one more challenge to add your stories to, we need you support.

Have you seen my pencil? I had it last time I stopped by. Tough to do anything without a pencil. It's yellow. No.2. Really sharp.

Did you pencil me in already??

Hmm.. I think you won't need a pencil here.. just type that would be more than enough.

Wait!!! Have you seen @dandays? He would love this! ;)

You know him so well.

We love your sense of fun, who wouldn't?

My mind refused to do this:

I mean authentic, true guesses.

Why, oh why, oh why?

When I stop by there now I'm like two of these: 🥶🥶

I think he's tied up with super fun activities of his own, at least, from what I've read. 😂

So you've been hearing stuff? He was here yesterday.. Only briefly though I guess.
Maybe just busy.. Life calling.

I was reading his post, LOLOLOL, so was thinking of that. Yes, life calling...when does it ever stop...never....

Has he posted? I haven't seen it in my feed. Oh yeah life is always happening, it doesn't stop until we do.

He did a couple days ago, really good post. Haha, yes, good way to put it, "doesn't stop until we do"

Gotta go read it.. shame on me for missing it.

good month my friend . wish you and the community always strong hehe

And to you.. hope it is productive and a happy month for you and for Hive.

thank you . hehe

The post will be out in about 7-8 hours from now. Keep your eyes peeled.

I am very excited for you and am really looking forward to the entries! Good luck @sofs-su!!

Thank you so much much @dswigle I need all the positive vibes I can get.

You are welcome! You are doing great!

Thank you so much, how could I tempt you to join in the second edition of the contest? Is there a way to do it? 😁

-Ahw congratulations Ma'am @sofs for this extra mile Hehehe..I will be joining this challenge and will be waiting for the post! So happy for you..and wish you the best of luck!❤🌷

Thank you, the post will be up later today, I'll be waiting for your story in the comment section @aimharryianne

Such a cool idea fir a challenge

Good luck with it

Thank you, we'd love to have you join in @tattoodjay

I will think about it writing is not really my thing I am not good at putting words together in a way that flows

Hence I post photos with short descriptions lol

You kidding me? I've read your posts, besides this is just a few lines in the comment section. Take a look the challenge is on and running.

I had misread I thought it was a full post and a longer story, this makes it a bit easier and I will try and give it a go

Nah, you could write the shortest story you ever could or the wildest one ever thought of in a few words. Its all up to you.. have fun.

Against my better judgement I joined in the fun 🤩

Thank you for accepting my invitation. I so appreciate this. The more the merrier .