Time for more beauty.

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I love to show the fabulous sights of our beloved South Africa.

So here you will see a few normal sights in our town with it's wide open spaces.

Not an ordinary little town, as there is a great history behind the town and recently it has been growing in leaps and bounds with housing developments due to the many people that are migrating to this town with their families. I read somewhere that about 300 people migrate into the Western Cape province every month. I am thinking about doing a series of landscape posts of 5x5 photos each and this could be the first one, depending of course on the if you like it factor.
Come and see.



Some art at the roadside as we drove past.

A splendid invitation to drive along this access road to one of the big wine farms at the end of it at the foot of the mountains.

Yep, many of my bird photos are taken at the end of this road, as the wine farm is internationally popular and many tourists visit the farm. My camera can't wait as they are currently building a new motor show room on the farm and the talk is that it's going to be something special.
I am more of a nature man, but every now and then I can veer off to show you some other interesting things.
So I hope that you like my idea to post a series of nature landscapes that will mostly be taken at the end of the road in the last photo above.
Until next time au revoir!

And that's All Friends.

Photos by Zac Smith-All Rights Reserved.

Camera: Canon Powershot SX70HS Bridge camera.

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The scenery there is so beautiful
I always look at your post but must apologize over the last year or so I have been pretty slack at commenting for a variety of reasons but am going to try and improve in that regard

Thank you JJ and yes we are really enjoying it here. Just to think that I have thus far only shown 1% of the scenery here.
No need ever to apologize as we are friends for life and I know that all of our lives are very busy.
I am also guilty of the same thing and so I cannot cast stones at you.
I will rather give you a !BEER

I never say no to a !BEER
I remember reading you moved recently to a nice new place is it in the same area as you were before

Best wishes to you both

Yes, the same are but further out from all of noise. A smaller house and even a smaller garden, but bliss in the silence. We moved last week Monday.

Best wishes also to you guys and I hope that Lulu has now fully recovered?

I bid you a good night from South Africa my friend.

Think that I have another !BEER for you somewhere.

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