Strong winds are always a trigger to go outside.

Winds between 40-50 kph chased the advancing rain clouds over the mountains.

Timeless clouds flowed across the skies leaving their beauty in their wake.

The weatherman said that it "might" rain and I am sure that there was much rain later inland, but here at the coast, the clouds had other teasing ideas. A problem with the strong winds here is that it does not blow constantly, it blows in very strong and sudden gusts. Many a boat captain has misjudged the strange winds and the coasts are littered with sunken ship skeletons due to the gusts.
Luckily I was ready with my camera and in here I will show you the lovely results.








Oh yes, later in the day some clouds appeared to be gaily laughing at me, as there was no rain. The clouds colored themselves to emphasize the fact that they can do what they like.

Beautiful isn't it?

I have these mental conversations with the clouds and it is much fun, almost as if I am up there floating between them. Might sound a bit crazy, but I can tell you that there are much crazier people on this planet. Most of them are chasing riches and they don't care what they do to get it.
How crazy is it to ruin nature and to endanger all life on the planet?
South Africa is rich in minerals and just like the ship skeletons on our coasts, the land is scarred by the many old mines that were worked out and left just like that, without any attempts at rehabilitation.

Animals die when they drink out of the toxic laden mine pools and the same toxic water flows into the rivers. Add to that all of the littering in the rivers and you will have severe damages to the sea life at the river inflows. Then we have all of the human excrement that flows into the rivers from old water sewage dams that cannot cope with the inflows anymore. This is a real recipe of sheer madness.
That's why I rather float around with the clouds in the sky!

I hope that you have enjoyed the photos.

And That's All Friends.

Photos by Zac Smith-All Rights Reserved.

Camera: Canon Powershot SX70HS Bridge camera.

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Can't get enough of its natural beauty! I would love to watch the clouds with this beautiful scenery.

Oh yeah, the weatherman had the last laugh, as it started to rain just before 12pm last night. So he was 100% correct.
Thank you and glad that you appreciated the post.


Oh, he was right. I love the cool breeze after the rain. You must have enjoyed it there.

Oh yes, the cool breeze was fine and we had a good sleep during the rain at night.


My Uncle used to work in a circus as a human cannonball.
They eventually fired him.

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I love a strong wind and the clouds that surge through the skies on them!

Yo uare right about people not caring about the damage they have on the environment. All they care about is money, nothing else

Thank you sire and yes, the wind comes and goes as it pleases.

So strange as so many spend their lives chasing riches, obliterating everything in their way and then they die like all of us have to. Their cares about money are then blowing in the wind.

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I'm jealous of your scenery.. the mountains and the clouds. to me, this is a perfect place to live.

Thank you and no need to be jealous, as nature also belongs to you.
We are very happy to live here.


Beautiful shots Zac! Really makes me look forward to some time off, I wish to just take a nap under those scudding clouds.

Yeah... rehabilitation of our abandoned mines is a very real need...

Thank you Zak! Time off is essential for one's sanity and we are guilty of not taking breaks.
I get out for 2 hours during the power cuts and we are planning our first 4 day break for this year.

Pity is that nothing gets done about the mines. In my mind they should charge every owner, or country to come and rehabilitate the messes that they leave behind. But of course, this will scare future "investors" away and we can't have that now can we? Money and profits rule and to damn with nature, or the people.


It's nice that it's cooling off there :) ... Those colors are perfect :) ...


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Thank you my friend and soon we will travel inland to a much hotter part of the province.
Glad that you also liked the colors and thank you for the curation.


I understand 25 letters of the alphabet.
I still can't figure out y.

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