HIVE OPEN MIC [WEEK 133]: ‘Let's Talk About Love’ by Celine Dion (Cover). Eng/Esp

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Hello Hive singers and listeners! Trust we're all doing great today? 🤗

I must say, the theme for this week's Hive open mic event had me musing for a while. But after a long playlist search and a moment of contemplating, I settled with doing a cover for ‘Lets talk about love’ by Celine Dion.

In my understanding and interpretation, this song is one that highlights “love” as an emotion that breeds opportunities for unity and trust to lead regardless of racial differences in our world.

Over the years, there's been so much hate and inhumanity going round that it has caused nothing but violence and inequality. Through this song, I believe Celine Dion is trying to bring up the subject of love as something that should be given more attention to. We all need the chance to give and be given love. The lyrics describes love as a deep, powerful but gentle emotion that makes all men equal. When there's love, our differences won't seem to matter anymore. And yes, we may come from different parts of the world, our faces and names may be different but the truth is that, there's one thing that brings us together as one and that is love!

I also believe we should try to create an opportunity for love to be at the center of our lives. We can simply do that by loving one another, promoting peace, having each other's best interests at heart and building trust because that's how we can make the world a better place.

At first, I was a little sceptic about how my voice would suit this song. I mean, I doubt I could ever match up to Celine Dion's legendary voice but I managed to pull this off with my very best and I really do hope you enjoy it 😊.


Everywhere I go all the places that I've been
Every smile is a new horizon on a land I've never seen
There are people around the world - different faces different names
But there's one true emotion that reminds me we're the same...
Lets talk about love

From the laughter of a child to the tears of a grown man
There's a thread that runs right through us all and helps us understand
As subtle as a breeze - that fans a flicker to a flame
From the very first sweet melody to the very last refrain...

Lets talk about love
Lets talk about us
Lets talk about life
Lets talk about trust
Lets talk about love

It's the king of all who live and the queen of good hearts
It's the ace you may keep up your sleeve - 'til the name is all but lost
As deep as any sea - with the rage of any storm
But as gentle as a falling leaf on any autumn morn...

Lets talk about love - it's all were needin'
Lets talk about us - it's the air we're breathin'
Lets talk about life - I wanna know you
Lets talk about trust - and I wanna show you
Lets talk about love


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Hola, cantantes y oyentes de Hive! Confías en que todos estamos muy bien hoy? 🤗

Debo decir que el tema del evento de micrófono abierto de Hive de esta semana me tuvo reflexionando por un tiempo. Pero después de una larga búsqueda en la lista de reproducción y un momento de contemplación, me conformé con hacer una versión de 'Hablemos de amor' de Celine Dion.

En mi entendimiento e interpretación, esta canción destaca el "amor" como una emoción que genera oportunidades para la unidad y la confianza para liderar independientemente de las diferencias raciales en nuestro mundo.

A lo largo de los años, ha habido tanto odio e inhumanidad dando vueltas que no ha causado más que violencia y desigualdad. A través de esta canción, creo que Celine Dion está tratando de sacar a relucir el tema del amor como algo a lo que se debe prestar más atención. Todos necesitamos la oportunidad de dar y recibir amor. La letra describe el amor como una emoción profunda, poderosa pero suave que iguala a todos los hombres. Cuando haya amor, nuestras diferencias parecerán no importar más. Y sí, podemos venir de diferentes partes del mundo, nuestros rostros y nombres pueden ser diferentes, pero la verdad es que hay una cosa que nos une como uno solo y ¡es el amor!

También creo que debemos tratar de crear una oportunidad para que el amor esté en el centro de nuestras vidas. Simplemente podemos hacer eso amándonos unos a otros, promoviendo la paz, teniendo en cuenta los mejores intereses de los demás y generando confianza porque así es como podemos hacer del mundo un lugar mejor.

Al principio, estaba un poco escéptico acerca de cómo mi voz se adaptaría a esta canción. Quiero decir, dudo que alguna vez pueda igualar la voz legendaria de Celine Dion, pero logré sacar esto adelante con mi mejor esfuerzo y realmente espero que lo disfruten 😊.


Donde quiera que vaya, todos los lugares en los que he estado
Cada sonrisa es un nuevo horizonte en una tierra que nunca he visto
Hay personas en todo el mundo - caras diferentes nombres diferentes
Pero hay una emoción verdadera que me recuerda que somos iguales...
Hablemos de amor

De la risa de un niño a las lágrimas de un adulto
Hay un hilo que nos atraviesa a todos y nos ayuda a entender
Tan sutil como una brisa que aviva un parpadeo a una llama
Desde la primera dulce melodía hasta el último estribillo...

Hablemos de amor
hablemos de nosotros
hablemos de la vida
Hablemos de confianza
Hablemos de amor

Es el rey de todos los que viven y la reina de los buenos corazones.
Es el as que puedes guardar bajo la manga, hasta que el nombre esté casi perdido.
Tan profundo como cualquier mar - con la furia de cualquier tormenta
Pero tan suave como una hoja que cae en cualquier mañana de otoño...

Hablemos de amor, todo lo que necesitamos
Hablemos de nosotros, es el aire que respiramos
Hablemos de la vida - Quiero conocerte
Hablemos de confianza, y quiero mostrarte
Hablemos de amor

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I'm sure God really want me to learn how to sing 😹 because lately I've been having friends that can really sing very well.. imagine you can sing too lols 😂 all of you just dey oppress me anyhow, see raw talent now hehe lemme call my friends to come and check this out @merit.ahama @hopestylist you guys should come and see something please 🥺..

Haha I've talk my own to her o
She will just be oppressing us with her voice 😂

😂 Mr money with the hype... Thank you for your kind words 💕. Awwn, I believe we all have that singing talent within us, we just need to discover and develop it. I'm sure you can too 😊.

@merit.ahama and @hopestylist are the grandmothers of singing, they're really good at it and they're part of my inspiration ❤️.

LoLs 😂 I'm not hyping oo I'm saying the truth here my dear your voice is nice and it's entering my body self 😂 🙂 so nice i must say you see @merit.ahama and @hopestylist just leave the two of them i still have some questions to ask God about them lols 😂 there are so damn good 😊

Abeg help ask God why you are refusing to try singing too

Abi oo, what is stopping you from singing sef @moremoney28? 🤔😳

LoLs 😂 you will run away se lols 😂

Hahaha, that's funny but you know you can learn right?

I will wish to

Hahaha, see as you are making our heads big but no we refuse to let it big, right @merit.ahama? 😂🏃‍♀️

You know I'm saying the truth dear

Hmm, I'm not sure of what I know again oo 😬

LoLs 😂


Haha, I'm glad you think so 🥰... Hehe, biko when you've asked God, come and share me the update 😁.

Hype lady, you think I don't know what you are trying to do 😂

As in ehn, I thought I was the only one that see am 😬

What is she speaking? 🙄🤣

She sef, she dinno know 😏

Me ke? I just dey talk the truth oo 😁

Awwn, this is so encouraging dear, thank you for that beautiful encouragement, I'm honored ❤️😘

The pleasure is mine, babe! 😊

Smiles 🤭🤗

Hahaha, you better go and learn how to sing oo and that's if you don't know how to sing before sef, lolz.

Nice one👍.
See the one you sang it like Celine Dion herself 😍

Awwwn... Thank you for your kind words. I didn't exactly sing it like her but I'm glad you think so 🤗💕.

I think this is the first time I am seeing you sing... You can see really well, I like your voice. I am now imagining how nice it would be if you and a mic and a background instrumental.

I'm now imagining you playing your guitar to my tune. That would be so nice 🥺.

Thank you for your kind words star! I appreciate you stopping by ❤️.

This is me right now! You mesmerize me with your soothing and calm voice girl 🥰

I love what I'm listening to, you're amazing normally... I know that but I still get surprised anytime I listen to you sing haha.

The song sure fits into the theme of the week, love is an opportunity 😊❤️

Thank you too my love for blessing me with your voice this morning.

Yes, let's talk about love❤❤.. It is one thing that can help save us all. An amazing voice you have dear😘😘

Absolutely! Thank you for your kind words, I'm glad you enjoyed it! ❤️


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Heeeeeeiii amazing voice🥺😋. Like God whennnnn😩😂

😅 Mercy! I know you can sing better too 🤩. I'm still waiting on you oo. Thank you for the compliment babe ❤️.

See whining😒😂😂😂

I'm dead serious oo

It is my pleasure! 😊

Hi Dimma, great to hear from you, you did a great a cappella, it doesn't matter that you don't match Celine Dion, each of us have a style and that's what makes everything great and unique, so don't worry about it, you did great 🌹💖!!!

I didn't know the song and really the lyrics are great for the occasion, especially for what you say in your writing, we are one and love should always prevail in our lives, we should be sensitive to other people's realities and help if it is in our reach 🙏💞!!!!

Thank you very much for joining us in this edition of the Hive Open Mic, we hope to see you next week again ¡You Rock! 🙌😀💛

You're absolutely right about that. Our varying tunes is what makes every singing unique!

Yes, the song matches the theme if explained properly. That's why I tried to do that in my writing.

Your kind words are super encouraging and deeply appreciated 🥰❤️ Thank you! I'll keep trying my best to show up for the hive open mic event.

Wow so beautifully you sing. You are multi-talented. Hope more songs are coming from you .

Thank a lot! I will look forward to that 😊.

Your voice quality is almost close to Celine Dion's voice quality, good to hear😍

Awwn... Thank you 💕. I appreciate your compliment and I'm glad you enjoyed my singing 😊.

So you can sing so well like this?
Na wa oooo!

God really dey create, give only one person plenty talents.

This is absolutely beautiful and I love your voice 🥰

Haha, yes I guess I can 😅... Thank you so much, I'm glad you love it! ❤️

Oppression everywhere, so the rest of us that can't sing should lie in bed and sleep.

Do you need students to teach? I'm interested

No now, you people should come out as well and let your voices be heard 🤗...

😂 me wey dey find who go train me sef, I'm still learning oo🤲.

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Thank you for your support @dimmablogs, really appreciate it! 👍

Be like comrade don dey fall o. Is it my eyes, or what I see is a pretty face with a pretty voice and a bright smile?

I never heard this song, but I love your rendition. You have a sonorous voice, Dimma. I am hoping to find your entries often from now.

🥺 Thank you for your kind words Jay, I appreciate it! 💕

Wow, you've never heard the song? I thought it was popular tho and I'm guessing you're not a fan of Celine Dion... I'm looking forward to that too.

Don't mind me. I grew up listening to songs people never really cared about. I should know the song, I guess. But I just don't... I'm sorry.😁

Haha, it's alright... I'm like that too. We can't simply know all the songs in the world.