Tales of the Urban Explorer: The American House

“I was watching Razor the Goth's feed and the way in is up on that roof and through the window”, I explained to @anidiotexplores who was uncharacteristically sizing up “The American House”.

Watching exploring YouTube videos are good for one thing. Checking how people got in. Once I find it, they get switched off.


It wasn't like him to stop and ponder. We had looked around the exterior, climbed up a huge exterior walkway only to find the topmost door locked, and were now deliberating over a purple dustbin container with no top.


It was a dodgy climb and the local Karens would see us for sure. This was our second attempt at "The American House", the first being thwarted by busybodies even before we entered the grounds.

...'a chair, the outside of the purple bin, all useful aids... but jumping on to the collapsing guttering.., maybe there was an easier way?'...

had we missed something, I could smell an access point.. somewhere

The grounds were large as was the house which I had labelled "The American House" due to its exterior characteristics.


Neither of us was keen on the extra wobbly bin and decided to look a little harder. It is so easy to miss things if you are not diligent and our tenacity was rewarded minutes later as we found an decent sized hole to climb through.

“Well that was easy, and it looks like someone might be living here”

Too easy, big holes smashed open with sledgehammers could mean unwanted inhabitants. It was a nice day and they would likely be begging on the streets of Liverpool to fund their crack habit.


I could see immediately, “The American House” would have been something once. Long corridors with main rooms shooting off as well as evidence of the homeless, probably with terrible back problems judging by the angled mattress positioning.



I would think there are other things to worry about besides Head Lice if you are squatting down in this place?


More bars at the window, and what’s that silver snake in the corner? Is every abandoned property in this city converted into a grow?


I had a feeling that there had been an attempt to renovate "The American House". There were a few loose doors, windows, and building materials hanging around but nobody had made a start.



Plenty of old furniture was covered in bits of rubble, but it was short of personal items to rummage through.


This was the extension and just look at that rack of arched windows. It would have been lovely once with just a touch of the 'Amityville House' without the malicious evil spirit.


I did think about pocketing it for the duration of this exploration in case some mindless crack-head was hiding behind the copious furniture ready to slice me up.


The appliances or what was left of them looked industrial. This house was large for a regular family. It could have been used as a business.


The stairs were looking solid so far, we started upward.


Why would you stash a wheelbarrow inside your house, was I missing something?


I loved the dark wood solid doors and the stairs even had banisters. Holding on to them for stability while ascending is rarely a good move.


That's two washing machines so far. It could be that the family who lived here had some sort of BO problem.



The rooms were getting increasingly messier the further up we headed.


It was quite maze-like in “The American House” with more than one set of stairs.


Grows are generally erected on the top floor so that the authorities can use heat-sensing equipment to easily spot them. That is just the way it is, and why they get busted so quickly.


They put so much capital into these illegal ventures that it must be worth it if they can survive for just a while before being busted.


It was looking increasingly more derelict now with large holes in the roof and the sun was starting to stream through the gaps.



Sheeting and pots, more tools of the trade.. as well as many power outlets and the odd extension cable.


I think the idea is to not pay for the electricity, or abandon the grow when the electric company is about to cut you off for not paying the enormous energy bill that has been acquired.


The stairs to the top floor were a little tricky being covered in shale but quite manageable.


A little ducking was needed to bypass another component of the grow and the final destination.



The top floor was completely fucked with zero roof, bright sunlight, and badly scorched beams in places.



The grow venture had placed many more power outlets up here, which looked more scorched than the previous bank. Something had gone wrong, there had been a huge fire and that was the end of the poor cannabis plants (and the house).


Avoiding the large holes in the floor I descended safely past the black tarpaulin sheet swaying around in the gentle breeze.


It may cost a little to bring back the original features of “The American House” to the upper floors.


We left the grow, turned squatter house in search of our next target.


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That angled mattress is the kind of thing that my kids would do when they were making a den. Maybe that was their goal although its dashed narrow underneath!

The head lice stuff would have had me running for the hills as I imagined them leaping into the air and latching on to you!

That angled mattress is the kind of thing that my kids would do when they were making a den

There's plenty of floor space, they seem to be sadists or something!

Well they are living in a bit invested hellhole!!

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This place somehow has an incredible amount of junk that seems out of place. WTF happened here? It looks like an orgy between kitchen and living room furniture. Did they try to mate? Did it end in ecological disaster?

It looks like an orgy between kitchen and living room furniture.

LOL, that is a plausible explanation, I didn't hear any gurgling of mutated offspring, but it could be that the sound I was expecting is totally different 😀

with a bit of a tidy up, just thin k how many albanians we could house there!

All those power outlets.., an enterprising one could tap into next doors electricity and then everyone would be cosy warm with an army of DeLonghi extra inefficient electric heaters.

Sounds like someone has a bad experience with inefficient electric heater!!!!🤣

There could be a career in installing the growing kit. It's a whole area I know little about, but it wouldn't surprise me if there were farms around here. Doesn't look like the current lot want to legalise it. You'd think they'd welcome the extra tax income.

There could be a career in installing the growing kit.

Liverpool appears to be full of busted grows, with various amounts of kit left behind. In decades to come, it might be legalised. Need to wait for the last generation to die before it happens.

This has developed a slime like floor which looks still fresh and oozing more slime from the ceilings.

I think the reason this house came into this utter shitload of garbage due to slow cook effect from upside down fire incident. The upper portion has burnt completely while the extreme heating caused the lower levels to slowly melt out rest of the stuff.

Fiberglass insulation dropped like a poop on the floors.

It was probably quite a fire when it happened, I wouldn't like to have been an immediate neighbour watching the action.

The American house as you call it is a really big house and that color looks really captivating, hehehe. Well just as you have said, the house does seem to be inhabited by some homeless people but then it also looks like a place where evil practices might be carried out. But wait, did you go in alone? I wonder.

Keeping a wheelbarrow in the house is really strange, I think you are missing something, lolz. By the way, what did you mean when you said the family that lived there might have BO problem?

It's been a while since I last read your urban exploration, I think this was a good welcome back for me, thank God the exploring was a success, I look forward to reading the next and the next, hehehe.

what did you mean when you said the family that lived there might have BO problem?

My writing is targeted to native English speakers so you might not pick up on all I come out with heh..


Oh I see, well thank you for explaining it to me, at least I know what that word means next time I see it, hehe.

Something had gone wrong

Lol maybe the copious amounts of electricity consumed from shotty makeshift electrical work haha.
Didn't run I to any Crack heads though. That's a plus.
Do you have to worry about asbestos in places like that?

Do you have to worry about asbestos in places like that?

Probably why I cough a lot these days.., damage is probably done.

I see.
Well hopefully not. I'm not sure how much a construction mask with asbestos filters would be or if it's even worth while.
I'm starting to realize that I'm probably overly concerned about safety. All my questions are like

"Are those floors safe?"
"Are you wearing gloves, safety glasses and steel toed/puncture proof boots?"
"Do you have an asbestos mask?"

My next question will be "are you carrying a taser to stop wild Crack heads?"

You're probably like, "oh this fucking guy again.


Interesting. This was definitely a quite large place. What makes it "American". To be fair, we steal most of our architectural stuff from over there, so can you really qualify it as "American Style"? :)

It reminded me of Pieman's Townhouse in Brooklyn. It was long ago and the memory is distant.., maybe it was all the leaves.

Ah, okay. So like an old brownstone I am guessing.

All I keep thinking about is throwing absolutely everything into a big skip. You can see the shady underworld in this house. gives me the willys.

I often find big skips next to these. That's what happens when they don't pay the rent, piss off and leave their shit behind!

Wow what a mess… 😐
Such a shame those operations, and than all burned.
Great exploration and luckily you did find an easy access.
Have a great week further!

The roof has screwed this house. If nothing changes it will be a shell in 5-10 years.

Yep, it surely looks like that is the obvious way it will go.

They must have had quite a setup there for there to have been such extensive electrical circuitry and venting but clearly they didn't do much in terms of health and safety.

This house looks like it was once really nice, but seems properly ransacked now, pity, could have been renovated, but doubt it will be successfully. I'm glad you didn't have any seriously tricky staircases in this one.

been such extensive electrical circuitry and venting but clearly they didn't do much in terms of health and safety.

It was all rigged together for one purpose, these drug dealers need electricians on their payroll!

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WOWwwww........... Amazing...... It is very adventurous. Your photography is amazing. It is very fascinating to explore such a place. I also take photos of nature but yours are just....... I love them.

That was quite the setup for the grow ! Lots of work put into that. I'm guessing the wiring wasnt done to regs - probably explains the fire !
Cool building though, must have been lovely at one point.

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