Tales of the Urban Explorer: St Thomas Psychiatric Hospital

in Urban Exploration10 months ago (edited)

“One of the most haunted buildings in the NorthWest”, states the article with some confidence.

There’s also the matter of “The Ghost Doctor” and footsteps coming from above from a floor with no staircase.

If you have read my past explores then you will know I take all this with a pinch of salt. I would need to see some floating apparition before my eyes and so far…, well it just hasn’t happened.


More factual is that the St Thomas building was built in 1841 and used as a workhouse before later being converted into a psychiatric ('Lunatic Asylum') hospital. The hospital was closed In 2004 and has remained that way since.

I am aware of what happened in Victorian times by way of history to the 'lunatics' and it was not pleasant.

Doubtless, dreadful things have occurred and there may well be some spiritual residue sitting around inside. I need it to come and say hello to @slobberchops.

This was my third visit to ‘St Thomas Psychiatric Hospital’ and the lack of progress was beginning to grate on me.

I was primed once again with information that was no longer valid. The hole in the fence was sealed and besides a 7ft fence climb in front of a row of Karens, there was no way in.


Or was there…

“See that tree over there?”

@anidiotexplores was marching to and climbing up a huge oak tree with boughs that naturally wound up the 12-foot nearby wall.

Jeez, here we go again, this one was testing me. I haven’t climbed trees since my teens.

Hauling myself on a nearby bin, I grasped the tree bough in a desperate hug, climbed, shimmied, and peered over the top shaking a little, and sweating a lot.

“There’s a climbing rack on the other side, watch out for the barbed wire and grease paint on the top”, came a slightly muffled voice from the other side. How comforting.

I don't have a lot of confidence in letting myself drop from a 12-foot wall at the best of times.

@anidiotexplores handily guided my foot onto the makeshift anti-climbing fence positioned the wrong way to give it handy foot holes.

Jumping the last couple of feet I stared at it thinking, ‘getting out is not going to be fun at all.

Not wanting to waste any time, we made for the nearest large building, there was plenty to choose from.


Climbing to the top floor, I noticed what looked like an Armadillo Security System in the yard. We would need to be careful out there.


This building was frankly quite shit and looked refurbished. Where was the grot?



Stopping to notice a rather dead-looking bird, we raced through this dull building and exited quickly. It was the same on every floor.

…'considering the difficulty we had gaining access to the grounds, some of the buildings were equally tough to access'…

Hopping across some grass now aware that security was active, we entered a second building and saw more familiar sights.





You can't expect patients' files still be intact and waiting for us to read after 17 years.


Collapsed floors are more my thing, I side-stepped them and started to look around.


I was relieved to find some semblance of humanity left in ‘St Thomas Psychiatric Hospital’. They do like their fancy names in these hospitals even today.


If "The Ghost Doctor" was going to make an appearance now would be a great time.



I had plenty of staircases to choose from, all quite solid if you watch your step.


This floor was less solid on the next level but I continued nevertheless.


The far side of this room looked like it housed a private office.


I think I went left dodging the beams, you can't just stop when the action is getting going,


Stopping short of saying hello to ‘Sister’ I continued toward the double doors.



There are lines that I won't cross. I can imagine there are straight jackets and electric chairs (still smoking) beyond this room but I do value my legs.


...'NOTE: the distinct lack of floor in the above image'...


Taking care not to smoke I backtracked and descended the slightly dodgy stairs.



It was tough to get inside any of this, all fucking sealed.


We meandered around several buildings, peeking around corners for signs of security before spotting an open window in the far corner.


Climbing through we were disappointed, some kind of storeroom with a ton of crap inside.



‘Staff Only’ seemed a common theme. The patients must have found it taxing to stay at ‘St Thomas Psychiatric Hospital’.



The Utterly Butterly looked out of place. Had someone been making some sandwiches mid-explore and left the tub?


Walking around to the far side of the compound we were startled by the Armadillo unit. It looked detached, didn't move, didn't bite, and appeared inactive.

If it was otherwise, then we were busted. I waved and walked past.


This part looked interesting, we bypassed the fencing easily and entered yet another section of the old hospital.



A custom-made bath for the insane? Likely not, but it did contain some fancy dials.


This one I will probably give a miss, it’s a tad dusty for me.


When there is natural light flooding in, you can get some decent visuals.


That’s not “The Ghost Doctor” down there, but my comrade farting about.


Now those stairs could well be challenging. They are more like a slide and you are trying to climb up the wrong way.


It was very derpy in ‘St Thomas Psychiatric Hospital’. I should be grateful I managed to see it, most of the old ‘lunatic asylums’ have been demolished.



Graffiti was far from abundant, this room was an exception.


The furthest room hosted what remained of their IT department as well as a dangerous partially collapsed roof.


Seeing some literature was something else. I was hardly expecting it.


There were plenty of old PCs knocking about, as well as office chairs.


Who remembers Viglen?


I wonder if the patients were tied down when attempting to complete this elementary test?


Standing under the collapsed roof; you need to live dangerously.


I went back to those stairs that looked like a slide and struggled upwards. A valuables office waited at the top with nothing valuable at all within.


I am thinking the fancy wooden cabinet on the left once housed the goodies.


As the floor was collapsed on this floor I slid down the ‘slide’ past the staff room and exited.


We were about to leave and that terrible climb was coming into my focus when…

“Hoy, you need to leave right now…”

A security bloke looking a little bored was walking toward us, in a kind of slouch, and ushering us to the front of the building.

"The police have been called and will be here in minutes, I will let you out of the front gate", he said in a non-unfriendly manner.


We did get a little panicky and walked extremely quickly through the front gate, disappearing down a side street, into my car, and woosh….

In retrospect, the security bloke appearing just at the moment was perfect. I didn't thank him for saving me from that fucking climb, the idea of 'exposing myself' to the Armadillo was gold.

'The police arriving in minutes?'

I have my doubts, but could hardly believe my luck. The security bloke didn't seem to give a shit and likely escorts people out several times daily.



@anidiotexplores informs me that the owners of ‘St Thomas Psychiatric Hospital’ have recently attempted court action against an Urban Explorer who trespassed.

The paperwork was raised; the crown prosecution received the order and duly dismissed it. No further action was taken.


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It's so shit that even the ghosts moved out. Do you guys try to freak each other out?

Did the security guy really care? It must be such a boring job as nothing will happen most days. He probably welcomes a bit of action. If the police were really coming he would have let you dick around a bit longer.

Stay safe.

It's so shit that even the ghosts moved out. Do you guys try to freak each other out?

You might think so, but no.., we are generally to intent on snapping anything that moves.

Did the security guy really care? It must be such a boring job as nothing will happen most days.

I rarely encounter them to be honest. If its the owner, they are generally pissy and angry, but hired security don't seem to give a shit and probably welcome some a chat.

Those patient confidentiality pamphlets, were they close to the pc's that undoubtedly had the hard drives gutted out of them?

It's kind of strange that they are putting these remote security systems up by abandoned structures now. Why do you think this is?

Great job one this one @slobberchops, this was a very cool exploration, the photos and description are awesome and my mind sees so many tales from the past, unfortunately not really good tales in totality but it is an intriguing Victorian structure nonetheless. I wonder what will come of this place in the future.

I didn't think to look for the hard drives. I would bet they are still screwed in the cases. Everything was a little soggy to handle.

I don't do many hospitals, and have only 1 more coming up that I previously failed on. They have mostly been demolished.

looking at the externals, i thought there might have been more treasure, for you to find. Some nice decay though, and so many calories in an apple. Fuck 5 a day, eat crisps.

Very derpy inside and we missed a lot. Many buildings sealed, and those Armadillo things are everywhere. The best part about it was the climb!

the boy done good!

Do you throw your clothes into the boiler when you get home or are they thrown into the bin? Maybe burned?
I am gobsmacked at the trashing, littering and damage sustained to these buildings. Anyway apart from this the tour was highly interesting and obviously you managed to scaled the fence like a pro when you existed?

Do you throw your clothes into the boiler when you get home

Nah, they are a bit sweaty.. so I change and shower and for a few hours you end up with black crap up your nostrils. The stuff we breathe in, isn't the best.

Cool place to explore - and I love how the security guy helped you to get out perfect ! Looks like some place, and what a mess ! I have to say that I now want a bath with dials on - maybe an inbuilt radio would be nice, along with a beer tap ?!

Want to hear a dirty joke?
Two white horses jumped in the mud.

Credit: dksart
@slobberchops, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @hoosie
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I didn't know Baths had dials before seeing these. Temperature control, who knows? I rarely meet security, this was probably the second time.

The security guy probably saved on paperwork and having to call his boss by asking you guys to leave. He also most probably had to escort the police around to look for you all. So all in, it was a win for him if you guys left. Maybe even cook up a story of how he sent you all running once he showed up :p

If the Epilogue is true, the cops must have caught one who was dicking around too long after security warned him. How else could they have demanded details for the court ruling to happen?

Crazy is all I can say to that one!

Lots of fun, and amazingly my climbing skills are getting better.

Interesting place. No Ghost Doctor sighting - you probably have to visit at night for that.

An armadillo would be neat to see. I thought that they lived in dessert like regions. I've never seen one before.

Good timing on that security guard. The tree climb sounds like a challenge.

I was sorely disappointed not to meet Dr Ghost. I think the spirits keep away from me. Maybe I have little 'sight'.

Ahaha that could be 😆

Incredible stuff. I can't believe they actually expect that anyone would ever stay out of these places.

It's a tough one to get in, unless someone has been snipping at the fences again. Last time, we climbed a wall only to find we still had not got in. It was the wrong place. It's a big complex and we didn't manage all of it.

To bad it didn’t come to you and said hi… 👻👻👻 maybe next time.
Great exploration. Love the photos with the green plants on the inside walls… it gives that special atmosphere.
Thanks for sharing @slobberchops 😊 I enjoyed coming along… through this building.
Somehow great the security guy came and you could escape rather well through the gate.
They never really do much if they see you are not breaking things. But still, you never know.

He was an overweight middle-aged black dude who looked thoroughly bored. I would have liked to chat but he was quite insistent we leave NOW, or be busted heh...

Wise to just go… indeed.
Have a great Saturday further 👋🏻😎

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What a shame that wonderful premises like this get abandoned and eventually destroyed. In any case, you've made great shots there!


In time, it could be converted to flats or something, if permission is granted. These things go on for years.

what a pleasure to see your adventures seems like watching a video game. love that some parts of the building is covered in greenery beautiful and quiet just from looking at it. cant wait to see your next adventure.


Thanks, I try to make them entertaining, even the terrible ones.

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Harika. Elinize sağlık

Well its such a nice post !
Very descriptive and the photos are lovely

I have some art on beauty in my last post .
Ill be grateful if you check that once!

By the way the place seems scary 😱

It's awesome that you got to explore all you wanted in there!!! Definitely a historic place. If it weren't for arsonists, they should just skip security. But then again, he did let you out the easy way. Could you have climbed out?

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